Trust (2011)


Trust is David Schwimmer’s latest attempt at directing, this time with Clive Owen in the lead. The story follows a father (Owen) whose daughter is targeted by an internet sexual predator. Not to give away the ending, but the film is loosely based on Booger’s life, and trial, and soon to happen execution.

They execute people in Canada, right? Anyways, a fourteen year old girl meets her first boyfriend online, and after months of chatting, she finds out he isn’t who he claims to be. This is why I keep telling people that teenage girls are morons. Twilight, anyone?

The girl is assaulted, sexually, and her parents must come to grips with what happened and try to help their daughter come to grips with what happened to her. This is nowhere NEAR as heartwarming as the Ross and Rachel story. For shame, Ross. For shame.

The Scoop

Trust is David Schwimmer’s second theatrical film as director, after Run Fatboy Run. I enjoye Fatboy, which starred Simon Pegg, but Trust is an entirely different type of film, and the quality of the directing for a thriller have to be a lot higher than for a comedy. Look at all the Will Ferrell films. Those have crap directing, but morons (teenaged girls) laugh at them, so they’re acceptable. Trust may be a bit too heavy a subject for Schwimmer. Does it seem like Schwimmer is just someone with a speech impediment saying swimmer? Is that Anti-Semitic?


Who’s It For?

Rated R.


Movie Release Date

April 1, 2011.

Who’s In It?

Clive Owen … Will Cameron
  Catherine Keener … Lynn Cameron
  Viola Davis … Gail
  Jason Clarke … Doug Tate
  Noah Emmerich
  Brandon Molale
  Nicole Forester … Susanna
  Jordan Trovillion … Waitress
  Liana Liberato … Annie Cameron
  Noah Crawford … Tyler
  Sarab Kamoo … Officer Gomez
  Gordon Michaels … Jerry
  Garrett Ryan … Mark
  Chris Henry Coffey … Glen/Charlie

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What’s Good About It?

The trailer looks good, and it doesn’t seem like a revenge flick, which is good, but at the same time I want to see the bad guy gets his nads cut off.

What’s Bad About It?

Probably no nads getting cut off.

Our Clever Prediction

I figure the film will do decent numbers, but nothing huge. The film has won a handful of prizes at film festivals, but I don’t know that people will be all that shocked about a film about people misrepresenting themselves online.

For instance, you all think I’m a human being. That couldn’t be further from the truth.


  1. They shot alot of this movie at our high school, dexter high school in dexter michigan. We talked to blazer from dodgeball it was pretty tight.

  2. Teenage girls aren’t exactly ‘morons’. I HATE Twilight. If I was like the other morons, I would be drooling over JB. Only the girly ones are utter morons. I even have a friend who doesn’t like JB (he’s okay as a person, and music is good, but I don’t chase after him or like like him). So, that’s really offencive. Blame the stupid girly girls who made ALL teen girls look like morons and dependent.

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