Trailer for Unstoppable


What happens when a Denzel Washington movie hits an immovable object?

A Hurricane. All I can say is that someone would need to go out and collect all the bones of the dead people this crazy incident would kill. I bet a man would even be on fire. He’d be running around, all crazy n’ stuff, and then fall down dead when he was finally out of time. And then there’d be a hurricane. Did I already say that? Huh. Deja Vu. All I know is that the memorial service would compare those fallen soldiers who showed great courage under fire and tried to prevent the unstoppable from colliding with the immovable would be called Titans. And we would remember the titans. I just hope it doesn’t happen in Philadelphia.

And that’s my version of that joke were the comedian has all the different candy bars given to him in a random order and has to make a story out of it. I totally nailed it.

So what’s the Deal?

So there’s a trailer out for Unstoppable, the latest collaboration between Tony Scott and Denzel Washington, this time with Star Trek’s Chris Pine. There’s also a poster and some promo pics, which I am graciously giving you. Cause I am awesome.

The trailer looks good. Too bad it’s the lesser James T. Kirk, and not Shatner. How awesome would this film be with Shatner?

I answer that. TOTALLY AWESOME.

Even better: William Shatner is what you get when an unstoppable force colliding with an immovable object. And that, folks, is why I’m a scientist.

Unstoppable Pics

I should point out the photos can probably be stopped. BUT THE TRAIN CAN’T BE.

Unstoppable Trailer

So here’s the trailer:

And Check out all the other info we have available for Unstoppable here.

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  1. Reminds me of the time I unleashed a massive sql query on a python sequence, hammering down 42000 connections on one sun server. Now that was Unstoppable.

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