Trailer for Sanctum (no Canadian’s allowed)


The title of this post is relatively telling. It’s almost as if a trailer for Sanctum has come online and I’m giving it to all of you. Like Jesus, only with better technology.

That’s right, I’ve compared myself to Jesus, and the only difference I’ve found is that my access to technology is better than his. So, in a way, I’m better.

So what’s the Deal?

I make no deals. Only ultimatums. Are those considered deals?

I’ve heard that in Canada, women aren’t allowed to make deals. Something about their menstrual cycles up there in ole Canada. Backwards, pedophile-loving, kitten-hating “country.” I put the quotation marks around country because we all know that it hardly counts as a country. They don’t even have a military! They just have America to take care of them. Less than a week ago I was called upon, again, by my “legitimate” country to fight a war in protection of Canada. Canadians didn’t hear about it because the moose carrying the news hasn’t gotten there yet.

Wait. Why did I put quotation marks around legitimate? I should probably talk about this movie trailer for Sanctum.

So Sanctum is based on the true story of some divers who… dove (as divers often do) into a remote underwater cave system under Australia. I do like the line in the trailer where they mention that these caves are the only place on earth left to explore. The only place where you know no one else has ever been.

Where no one else has ever been… Kinda like a Mensa meeting in Canada. Of course, everyone in Canada has been to a meeting of the… really stupid people’s club. I mean a hockey game.


Sanctum Trailer

So here’s the trailer:

And Check out all the other info we have available for Sanctum here.

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