Toy Story 3 (2010)


Woody , Buzz, and the rest of their toy box friends are dropped off in a children’s day-care center when their owner, Andy  who is now a young adult, departs for college

Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 is going to be released in 3D, and without a doubt, will be the biggest movie of 2010. The Disney / Pixar film will focus around the main characters trying to escape from the day-care , and find a new owner to grow up with.

Woody attempts to save his friends and find themselves a new home, but matters are further complicated when Buzz is damaged during an escape attempt.

Now Buzz only speaks Spanish, and the loyal toys try to repair their friend as wel.

The film’s new characters highlighted Sunday are Ken and Barbie and purple teddy bear Lotso.

Toy Story 3 Trailer
Toy Story 3 Release Date

The new Toy Story hits theaters 18 June 2010 (USA)

Voices of Toy Story 3

Here are the main voices of Toy Story 3. Cool new additions to the movie are Ken, Barbie and Lotso.
Tom Hanks … Woody (voice)
Michael Keaton … Ken (voice)
Joan Cusack … Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl (voice)
Whoopi Goldberg … (voice)
Wallace Shawn … Rex the Green Dinosaur (voice)
Bonnie Hunt … (voice)
Tim Allen … Buzz Lightyear (voice)
Laurie Metcalf … Mrs. Davis (voice)
R. Lee Ermey … Sergeant (voice)
John Ratzenberger … Hamm the Piggy Bank (voice)
Timothy Dalton … Mr. Pricklepants (voice)
Kristen Schaal … (voice)
Ned Beatty … Lotso (voice)
Don Rickles … Mr. Potato Head (voice)
Jodi Benson … Barbie (voice)
Jeff Garlin … (voice)
Blake Clark … Slinky Dog (voice)
John Morris … Andy Davis (voice)
Estelle Harris … Mrs. Potato Head (voice)

Interesting Fact

In the teaser trailer for Toy Story 3 where the different toys pass by Woody with material to build their version of the title image, the third alien to pass by Woody is carrying a large 2-D construction of Lego pieces that make up the outline of the AXIOM ship from WALL·E

Bonnie Hunt is also doing a voice in Toy Story 3. She also does the voice of ‘Sally’ in the Cars movies.

The Good

Toy Story has been a fun franchise, full of fun moments for both the young and old. The memorable characters provide a lot of laughter and entertainment for children of all ages.

The Bad

Screenplay is written by a different writer who hasn’t written Toy story 1 or 2, so one can expect a totally different kind of story. In fact, Michael Arndt hasn’t done any animations at all. He did win an Oscar for Little Miss Sunshine, but will he be able to write a successful animation?

Also, I was hoping for a more limited role of the Potato Head characters and “Hamm’, but it doesn’t look that way. Sorry, I just haven’t been able to stand their voices, or roles, since the first Toy Story, they get really irritating.

Our Prediction

Toy Story 3 should be the biggest film of the summer.


  1. I’m certain this is the first one that will be made by Disney, since they bought Pixar. This worries me, because Pixar was genius in their storyline, and Disney are clumsy and messy.

    I am worried the will ruin the Toy Story franchise with the newest movie.

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