Tower Heist (2011)


Tower Heist is a comedy about a group of working class guys who are screwed out of their pension by their boss, and decide to rob him blind in his tower.

Ivory tower, perhaps?

Anyways the guys’ pension funds were ripped off by a Bernie Madoff type of guy, played by Alan Alda, and so they’re on a mission of revenge. REVENGE! I hope it turns out they kill him and they all go to jail, and he never robbed them, but the business just failed and he was doing his best.

Cause that would make the film terrible, and I hate Brett Ratner who is directing. Which I normally mention in the next section…

The Scoop

So Brett Ratner is directing! After the tremendous job he did with the third X-Men film, I can’t wait for Tower Heist. Oh, and it stars Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller. Wow. This might even end up winning a couple dozen Oscars. You also know it’ll be awesome because IMDB has a total of 8 writers on the project. So at least there’s no chance that the film will have too many chefs in the kitchen. A+, Mr. Ratner. A+.


Who’s It For?

Nobody. Maybe masochists.


There are a handful of behind the scenes pics, but I’m only going to post this one, cause the rest are just of cameras and stuff, and suck.

Why is letting the DUMMY sleep on the JOB?

Movie Release Date

November 4, 2011.

Who’s In It?

  Ben Stiller … Josh Kovacs
  Casey Affleck … Cole Howard
  Eddie Murphy … Slide
  Téa Leoni … Gertie Fiansen
  Matthew Broderick … Chase Fitzhugh
  Gabourey Sidibe … Mischa G. Riley
  Michael Peña … Rick Malloy
  Alan Alda … Arthur Shaw
  Judd Hirsch … Milo Krayne
  Marcia Jean Kurtz … Rose
  Steven Weisz … Doorman #1

Related Movies

X3, Rush Hour, Red Dragon, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,

What’s Good About It?

Do you like Towers? There’ll probably be a pretty epic tower.

What’s Bad About It?

Everything. This film is shit from every point of view, and that includes the shit’s point of view.

Our Clever Prediction

I hope it bombs harder than Hiroshima. Too soon?

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