Tooth Fairy


When a pro hockey player, nicknamed the Tooth Fairy for his ability to knock out other players’ teeth, dashes the hopes of a young boy, he is ordered to one week’s hard labor as the real Tooth Fairy.

Tooth Fairy

A bad deed on the part of a tough minor-league hockey player (Johnson) results in an unusual sentence: He must serve one week as a real-life tooth fairy. Dwayne Johnson continues his role of comedic lead character for this upcoming film, which is sort of leaving a few of us speechless.

Release Date

22 January 2010 (USA)


Dwayne Johnson, Ashley Judd, Julie Andrews, Stephen Merchant, Ryan Sheckler

Interesting Fact

I suck at hockey, but get to play since I sponsor the team. This could be a record 3rd flop for ‘The Rock’ in his short movie career.

The Good

A decent comedy and fantasy movie  which has not only strong associations with kids but also with adults as Tooth Fairy is one of the characters with which children have been brought up so the movie will be on the must see  in children’s list.

Tooth Fairy Trailer


  1. Ya a movie were you can watch The
    ROCK ,an adult crawl into children rooms while they are sleeping!!LOL perverted much ….

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