Thor: Ragnarok, Fun Film with Bold Choices, Successful to Keep Up with the Expectation of the People


Marvel Entertainment has yet again proved its versatility in filmmaking with the silly and brisk third installment of the Thor franchise. With the other two movies that came out prior to this, the Asgard universe lacked many of the elements required to find a strong anchor in the Marvel Universe. Thor: Ragnarok has potentially jumped right back into the game with its reliable narrative, Taika Waititi’s zappy direction, Chris Hemsworth’s oh so charming Thor and the rest of the cast putting the right amount credibility to the characters.


The opening credits of the movie had to have the classic Led Zeppelin Immigrant Song preparing the audience for every Thor movie has. The movie takes you through a mellow cosmic journey with a very road-trip kind of a feel. In a quest to prevent the destruction of Asgard as professed in Ragnarok, Thor takes upon himself the dire responsibility to defeat anyone that comes his way. Along the course of the movie, we see astounding performances by Cate Blanchett as the antagonist Hela and Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. The stand outcast of Anthony Hopkin as the wise Odin, Jeff Goldblum’s portrayal as the delightful Grandmaster and Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie gave the movie a cinematic edge altogether.

Almost half of the movie takes place on a garbage-laden distant planet called Sakaar which is ruled by Grandmaster. Grandmaster takes pleasure in hosting unethical hate fights between his prisoners and his unbeatable Champion, The Incredible Hulk. The humor between Thor, Hulk, and Valkyrie in Thor’s persuasion to help him win back Asgard from Hela’s claws was exhilarating. Idris Elba as Heimdall, although a treat to our eyes, did not have much doing in the movie. A blink-and-miss cameo by Matt Demon as a fictional Loki in a stage satire in Odin was a surprise. The dilemma between Mark Ruffalo’s Banner and his alter ego Hulk, worked as a tasteful connection between Thor and the Avengers. The giggly puns pulled by Benedict Cumberbatch’s Dr. Strange made quite an impact. The integrity of the director is clear from the fact that the entire movie is a well-measured serving of all our emotional elements.

The end of the movie sees Hela seemingly getting defeated by fire demon Surtur, thus destroying Asgard. Thor and his loyal gang along with the rescued inhabitants of Asgard take off to Earth and Thor is crowned king. As Marvel’s classic end credits teaser approach, a supergiant ship appears, hopefully of Thanos, a smart reference to the upcoming Infinity War movie.


All in all, as a true Marvel fanatic, the movie and its joyful sketch of reunions and collaborations between characters paved the way for more storylines. It is a retrospect journey for dire fans. Although it took shape of a fun blockbuster, in the end, Taika was successful in commemorating the best draft. The bouncy characters portrayed by a stand out cast make Thor: Ragnarok a must watch.