This New I Am Number Four Trailer is confusing


I don’t know what to think of this new I Am Number Four trailer. The film reminds me so much of Twilight, its amazing. Insert an alien for a vampire, and we have Michael Bay’s newest ‘epic’ movie. On the other hand, Teresa Palmer is so hot, how could I not check out pieces of this film?

In fact, this new alien love story is so similar to Twilight, you’d swear it was the same writers. Michael Bay brought all his explosions and unlikely love scenarios to his new movie, just in time for teenage girls to recover from Edward and Bella.

Shit gets all blown up, a love bond is formed, as the main character struggles between good and evil. Ok, so its like every other one of his movies as well. Rumor has it, Megan Fox would have gotten this lead role if she didn’t piss off Bay so much in the last Transformers movie.

I Am Number 4, [our official coverage] and all its explosions and love angles, hits theaters February 18th 2011. Oh well, at least Teresa Palmer is hotter than the blue giant stars like Deneb, Pistol Star and Zeta. Ha, get it? Used my astronomy skillz there to impress the alien community among us, who live and breathe the same air we do on a day to day basis.

New I Am Number Four Trailer


  1. i read the book and loved it. from this trailer i can see it will follow the storyline pretty well i can’t wait to see it.

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