The Woman (2011)


The Woman is a weird horror film about a lawyer out in the country with his family who finds and abducts a feral woman. Literally, she’s wild. And he and his family try to civilize her, but I don’t think they’re particularly civil themselves.

Honestly, I just watched the trailer, and I’m sorta disturbed. It’s weird. I feel like the film might come across as trying too hard, but at the same time it weirded me out.

But I’ve also always wanted to have a human as a pet. That’s why there’s so many chained up in my garage.

The Woman

Lucky McGee is directing and he wrote the screenplay with Jack Ketchum, and they’re both a bunch of weird sickos. And I’m weird too. I laughed a little while ago when I saw my dog eat a moth. The moth wasn’t hurting anyone.

Now I feel bad. I think the trailer actually caused me to develop a soul. A human soul. Not just a Canadian soul.

The Woman Trailer

The Woman Release Date

Limited release on October 14, 2011.


Who’s In It?

 Carlee Baker … Genevieve Raton
  Shana Barry … Fat Tourist Girl – Cartoon
  Marcia Bennett … Deana
  Angela Bettis … Belle Cleek
  Sean Bridgers … Chris Cleek
  Lauren Ashley Carter … Peggy Cleek
  Chris Krzykowski … Roger
  Alexa Marcigliano … Socket
  Pollyanna McIntosh … The Woman
  Shyla Molhusen … Darlin’ Cleek
  Tommy Nelson … Walter

What’s Good About It?

Well, it is supposed to be a horror film, so weirding me out is probably a good thing. Also, I now have a soul, which is sorta fun.

What’s Bad About It?

Having a soul is also sorta not fun. I’m starting to feel bad for all the horrible things I’ve done. Not the stuff I said about Canada though. That was the Lord’s work.

Oh, but the film might be a little too overdone and not have much of a story. Just scaring me isn’t enough. You need to make me care.

Our Clever Prediction

I don’t think The Woman will make much of a splash at the box office. But people are stupid. Maybe they’ll all want souls too.

I hope they read this and then make a poster with the tag line “So Horrifying you will Grow a Soul!”

Souls are grown, right?

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