The Wedding Singer 2 (2016)

the wedding singer 2
the wedding singer 2

The Wedding Singer 2 is a 2016 sequel  to 1998 smash comedy, starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.  Details are weak, but it has been known for some time now that Sandler and the Sony studios are looking to reboot some of his earlier hits. Things are desperate at Sony these days, and it’s been a rocky road with the last half dozen (or so) Sandler projects. Blended was an enormous failure, and reuniting Sandler and Barrymore hasn’t struck a chord with the movie audience… but this time it could be different (or so we hope)

The Wedding Singer 2

I’ve been told by a couple of ‘Insiders’ that The Wedding Singer 2 is all but signed off. I have no reason not to believe my ‘sources’ they were right about all our other movie leaks we broke well in advance. Apparently the script is in the very early stages, and it involves Robbie and Julie years into the future as Robbie finds himself singing on a cruise ship. Julie’s life hasn’t exactly been great since marrying Robbie, and her past love Glen is trying to get her back. Glen is successful now, Wall St has been good to him.

That’s all we know right now, I’ll keep you updated on the love triangle, as it comes our way.

The Wedding Singer 2 Trailer

There isn’t one…yet, but here is the original for now.

The Wedding Singer 2 Release Date

Look for TWS 2 in late 2016 … could be a 2017 release with all this Sony shit going down right now.

Who’s In It?

Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore

Interesting Fact

The Wedding Singer is still one of Sandler’s most popular movies, and still one of his most successful.

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What’s Good About It?

The Wedding Singer was a fun little movie about the good guy winning in the end. Cute and timeless, Robbie and Julia were great characters.

What’s Bad About It?


Our Clever Prediction

Unsure. I’m curious to see how the plot is developed, and if Sandler/Barrymore can create that excitement ever again. They tried with Blended, but fell far short with a poor script. Sandler is a funny , smart , creative guy who obviously has had his hands tied with content the last few years. He’s better than his record indicates, I hope he goes back to his simple form of comedy, he deserves it.


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