The Water Warriors (2011)


The Water Warriors is an animated film about aliens sending their best and brightest to conquer the earth.

In a shameless attempt to get a billion comments, doesn’t this sound just like Dragonball? I bet they’ll name some of the aliens Goku and Piccolo. Of course, it also sounds like the plot of Coneheads and the comic book Invincible. Man, this is the best preview ever.

Oh, the film tells the story of Dudley, a young frog who must rise up to fight the aliens who have invaded the pond. He is the smallest of the frogs, but will become the biggest, at least in terms of heart. (sniff, just like me!) The film’s tag line is “Braveheart with Frogs.” So years after this wins best picture, the stars are going to go crazy and (allegedly) beat the crap out of their Russian lady friends. But with frogs.


Not yet…

The Scoop

The film is written and directed by Graham Ralph, who you will all know for his work on the Tv series Bounty Hamster. This is his first feature, but it will no doubt be the greatest animated film of all time. Little is known about the film at present, and Mr. Ralph (henceforth known as King Ralph) is the only crew member currently known to be working on the film.

Who’s It For?

G or maybe PG.

Movie Release Date


Who’s In It?

Patrick Stewart
Stephen Fry
Miriam Margolyes

Interesting Fact

Bounty Hamster was the pet of Bobba Fett.

No he wasn’t. It was actually a retelling of True Grit, only with hamsters in outer space. I can’t believe the stupid idea I made up is actually more believable than the actually TV show.

Related Movies

Coneheads, Dragonball Evolution, Bounty Hamster

What’s Good About It?

Patrick Stewart’s sexy voice always elevates a film to awesomeness. Seriously, did you see Wild Geese II? Me neither, but consider that film elevated.

But with Frogs.

What’s Bad About It?

I don’t know much about the director. His work is all in TV, and that doesn’t bode well for the film. He has been around for a long time, but that only means he never had the talent to make the jump to features before now. Not a good thing.

But with Frogs.

Our Clever Prediction

Kids films can do well for no apparent reason. Sure, the quality films like Pixar are consistent in their quality, but even some of these smaller films can rake in the cash. I don’t see this being a breakout smash hit, but it’ll entertain all your little critters.

With Frogs.

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