The Vampire Diaries (Season 3)


Vampires who have lived through many decades and even centuries bring with them a lot of baggage—a past full of secrets, darkness and memories they’d like to forget.  Throw in a pretty high school girl, a love triangle involving estranged brothers and supernatural friends and you have a series that feels like and action-packed soap opera filled with vampires, werewolves, witches and ghosts.

The Vampire Diaries (Season 3)

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The CW’s teen supernatural-fantasy series, The Vampire Diaries, follows the life of Elena Gilbert, her love-triangle relationship between two century-old vampire brothers and her werewolf/witch/vampire friends in their town charged with supernatural history, Mystic Falls, Virginia.  Drama and problems arise as the trio’s linked past, catches up with them and with their friends who are also facing their own personal supernatural revelations, issues and dilemmas.

The Characters

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The series center on beautiful 17-year old high school girl, Elena Gilbert.  It starts with her recovering from the recent death of her parents.  She lives with Jenna Sommers, her aunt and legal guardian, with her younger brother Jeremy.  Jenna forms a romantic relationship with history teacher and vampire hunter Alaric Saltzman.

Elena’s circle of friends includes BFF Bonnie Bennett who happens to be a witch.  She develops a romantic relationship with Elena’s brother Jeremy.  It is later revealed that he is Elena’s biological cousin.  Another friend and occasional rival is Caroline Forbes who despite her bright and cheerful personality is insecure causing her to become excessively competitive.  She becomes a vampire and later gets romantically involved with Matt Donovan who is Elena’s childhood friend and ex-boyfriend.  Matt’s best friend is Tyler Lockwood who is the son of the mayor of Mystic Falls.  Male members of his family carry a lycanthropic trait.  He becomes a werewolf when he accidentally kills a girl.

At school, Elena is drawn to another student, Stefan Salvatore, who is a 162-year old vampire.  The good-hearted and affectionate Stefan has returned to his hometown Mystic Falls, Virginia in order to get to know Elena who happens to be a descendant and doppelganger of Katherine Pierce (real name Katerina Petrova).  Katherine who resembles Elena is a ruthless vampire whom Stefan and his brother Damon Salvatore knew and loved in the nineteenth century.

Unlike his younger brother, Damon is malevolent vampire but as time passes, shows kinder, more caring side.  He confesses to Elena that he is in love with her but erases her memory afterwards.  His biggest secret is that he misses being human.

Season 2 Recap

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In Season 2 we see the return of Katherine Pierce which is connected with the “Original” vampires (the first generation of vampires) Klaus and Elijah.  Klaus wants to perform a ritual to break a curse which unleashes the werewolf side of him (making him a hybrid).  The ritual required a werewolf, a vampire, a witch and the Petrova doppelganger (who happens to be Elena).  Meanwhile Elijah went along with it so he can kill Klaus when he gets weakened after the ritual in order get back at him for killing his family.  The ritual came to fruition but Elijah changed his mind in killing Klaus in exchange for telling him where his family members are buried.  But Klaus ended up betraying and killing him anyway.

The casualties of the ritual included Elena and Jeremy’s aunt, Jenna, as she died when she was used as the vampire “requirement” of the ritual.  Another casualty was John, Elena’s biological dad, who sacrificed himself in order to save Elena in a parent-child spell where once Elena is revived, he dies.  Damon did not come out of it unscathed as he ended up getting bitten by a werewolf (which is fatal to a vampire).  Stefan vowed to find a cure which apparently is the blood of the hybrid Klaus.  He makes a deal with Klaus that led him to returning to his dark ways and became ‘The Ripper’ again when he helped Klaus with his plans of turning other werewolves into hybrids like him.

Bonnie has become even more powerful when she gained the power of the massacred witches and has also developed a romantic relationship with Jeremy.  Jeremy died in the crossfire of when Sherriff Forbes tried ambush to Damon.  Bonnie revived him from death by asking the help of the massacred witches, they did so but it had a consequence of Jeremy seeing deceased vampires.

Caroline had been helping Tyler deal with him being a werewolf, and they grew closer to each other.

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And of course, the season finale kiss between Elena and Damon left the viewers a question— now that Stefan seems to be out of the picture, will an Elena-Damon romance blossom?

Season 3

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In Season 3, viewers will know more about the history of Klaus, the roots of his character as it relates to his family and flashbacks on The Original Family.  We will be introduced to a few other “Originals.”  Klaus’ plan of creating an army of vampire-werewolf hybrid comes along but things don’t go as expected.

Klaus’ motives for wanting Stefan on his side will be revealed as well as their shared history.  We’ll totally be seeing a menacing bad-ass Stefan out on a rampage which explains why he was known as ‘The Ripper’.  Like Klaus, we’ll also see flashbacks of Stefan’s long-ago life and an old flame of from his dark past will resurface.  And she will desperately seek the necklace Stefan gave to Elena… which means more old secrets and mysteries coming to light.

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Damon and Elena’s friendship progresses as they try to save Stefan from the destructive path he is on and sinks deeper into the dark side.  They feel guilty about their closer relationship.  Damon will be thrust into the role of the hero which he’s not good at or comfortable with.  He battles with his nature and tries to do good at the same time deals with his romantic feelings for Elena.  The love triangle intensifies as Elena struggles with her growing attraction for Damon.  Would she finally admit that she loves both brothers?  Expect a lot of sexual tension between the two.  And Alaric, who is now the legal guardian of Jeremy and Elena, is none too happy about this development.

We will learn why Jeremy is seeing ghosts who have a powerful message they’re trying to deliver to him.  This affects his relationship with Bonnie.  Bonnie will play a pivotal role in this story.  And it’s not only Jeremy who will be seeing dead people.  Matt will find a passageway to reconnect with his dead sister, Vicki.  Does this mean that the resident human in the show will soon have superpowers?  With his friends becoming vampires, werewolves and witches, will he still remain human this season?

Another possible love triangle is Matt-Caroline-Tyler.  When Caroline and Matt’s relationships ends, she runs to Tyler.  Despite being a vampire and a werewolf, a romantic relationship will develop, much to the dismay of Tyler’s mom when she found out that Caroline is a vampire.  This will lead to a war between their families.  Caroline’s vamp-hunting dad will be back in town, adding to the couple’s problems.

Season 3 Premiere

September 15, 2011 (THURSDAYS), 8/7c on The CW

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  • Alice Evans (Lost, Brothers & Sisters) will play Esther, the mother of Klaus and Rebekah.
  • Claire Holt (Pretty Little Liar) will play Stefan’s devious ex, Rebekah.
  • David Gallagher (7th Heaven) will play werewolf Ray Sutton who will have a grim run-in with Klaus in Tennessee.


  • Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert as well as Katherine Pierce (also known as Katerina Petrova)
  • Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore
  • Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore portrayed
  • Steven R. McQueen as Jeremy Gilbert
  • Katerina Graham as Bonnie Bennett
  • Candice Accola as Caroline Forbes
  • Zach Roerig as Matt Donovan
  • Michael Trevino as Tyler Lockwood
  • Matthew Davis  as Alaric Saltzman

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