The Troll Hunter (2011)


This cinema preview is of the upcoming film The Troll Hunter. Unfortunately, it isn’t about an insane man who hunts down those creepy little troll dolls. But perhaps this is more awesome. MORE AWESOMENESS after the jump.

A group of students believe that they have uncovered a conspiracy in Norway that the government is covering up the existence of trolls in the northern part of the country. Oh, and the trolls are killing bears, and there’s a dude who is hunting them, hence the title. How is this not the best possible movie idea EVER?

Trick question. It IS the best idea ever.

The Troll Hunter

The Troll Hunter was written and directed by my favorite director, André Øvredal. This favoritism is based purely on The Troll Hunter, for which I’ve only seen the trailer and clips below, but from which I’ve learned that this must be the best film of the year.

The Troll Hunter Trailer

The Release Date

June 10, 2011. Limited release.

Troll Hunter Pictures

Who’s In It?

They may not be well known NOW, but they will be household names come June.
Otto Jespersen … Trolljegeren
  Hans Morten Hansen … Finn
  Tomas Alf Larsen … Kalle
  Johanna Mørck … Johanna
  Knut Nærum … E-verkssjef
  Robert Stoltenberg … Polsk bjørnejeger
  Glenn Erland Tosterud … Thomas

What’s Good About It?

It’s a TROLL HUNTER film. What’s not to love?

What’s Bad About It?

Too bad it probably won’t be 50 hours long. I’d stay up for over two days for this, and I wouldn’t even get tired. This film would keep me up like caffeine, crack, speed, and other stuff that makes you stay awake. Having to pee? And I just learned that caffeine is one of the few words that you don’t put the ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c.’

The more you know, right?

Our Clever Prediction

The Troll Hunter will melt your brain and explode your eyeballs. This is the Charlie Sheen of movies. The only thing that could make this better is if Charlie Sheen was in it. Who knows? Perhaps he’s an uncredited troll or something. They’ll make a new category at the Oscars for The Troll Hunter. Most WINNING film. There won’t even be other films nominated. It’d just be stupid to nominate other films for a category that has only one clear film intended for it. BAM. Preview OUT.