The Town (2010)


The Town is the story of a group of bank robbers, and their leader who ends up falling in love with one of the women they take hostage.

Based on the book “Prince of Thieves” (hey! That’s Robin Hood!) by Chuck Hogan, the leader of the gang, Doug MacRay, has never had any real attachments, which makes him the perfect bank robber. Like they said in Heat, you have to always be able to walk away without anything holding you back. (So I paraphrased, I’m not going to look it up) When Doug falls in love with the hostage, he risks everything, including his freedom, for her.


The Scoop

This is Ben Affleck’s second film as director, after Gone Baby Gone, and it’ll be his first doing double duty as director and star. He also wrote the screenplay, and I have to say I’m sorry for doubting him for all those years. I always thought he just added his name to Matt Damon’s screenplay for Good Will Hunting.

Who’s It For?


Movie Release Date

September 17, 2010

Who’s In It?

Ben Affleck … Doug MacRay
Blake Lively … Krista
Jon Hamm … Adam Frawley
Jeremy Renner … Jem
Chris Cooper
Rebecca Hall … Claire
Slaine … Gloansy
Brian Scannell … Henry
Jeff Martineau … Car Driver

Interesting Fact

Blake Lively asked me out on a date, but I had to say no. I don’t date actresses. Even though I understand it’s their job, it would break my heart to see them kiss another. I am a sensitive soul.

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Gone Baby Gone, Good Will Hunting,

What’s Good About It?

Watch the trailer, it looks good. Jeremy Renner’s turned into one of the better actors around, Blake Lively makes me uncomfortably aroused, and Ben Affleck might end up being one of the better directors out there. Oh, and John Hamm is the MAN!

What’s Bad About It?

Affleck may turn out to be a great director, but his dramatic acting is a little less awesome. I’m going to have to say he’s the weakest link in the cast.

Our Clever Prediction

Some success. Maybe a little bigger than Gone Baby Gone. I’m hopeful for a little view of Lively’s backside, but it’s probably a pipedream.

Heh. More like my pipe’s dream. Boo-yah.

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