The Tempest (2010)


Have you ever wanted a music video version of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest?

Me neither. Nonetheless, we’re going to get one. First things first. Watch the trailer (it’s below, dummie)

Now, isn’t that EXACTLY how you always imagined it? I mean while on drugs. I swear it’s like Jon Stewart in Half Baked. “Have you ever watched ‘The Tempest,’ ON WEED?”

The Tempest was Shakespeare’s last great play, and it tells the story of Prospero, here played by Helen Mirren, so the name is changed to ProsperA, who is the duke of Milan whose brother usurps his place and sends him off to an island to live alone for many years with his daughter and servant. Finally, Prospero has the opportunity to exact revenge, and he conjures up a storm (a ‘tempest’) using his magical powers, oh, he has magic, and he goes about helping his daughter find love and getting back at his brother. Read the damn play. I know my words are more artful, but you might as well try the original.


The Scoop

‘Visionary’ director Julie Taymor has most recently made Across the Universe (the Beatles musical) and before that Frida and Titus. I’ll give her credit, I liked Across the Universe, and Frida had naked lesbian Salma Hayek. I did enjoy the ‘vision’ of Salma Hayek’s boobies, but seriously, VISIONARY? She’s okay at best. Lately she’s been hard at work on the Spider-Man musical with music by U2. Which sounds both gay and awesome. But without the awesome.

Seriously, VISIONARY?

Who’s It For?

PG-13. Too bad it didn’t go R. They had to change some of the lines from the play because Shakespeare was always saying “Thou are fucked, Romeo.”

Movie Release Date

December 10, 2010.

Who’s In It?

Russell Brand … Trinculo
Alfred Molina … Stephano
Helen Mirren … Prospera
Chris Cooper … Antonio
Alan Cumming … Sebastian
Djimon Hounsou … Caliban

Interesting Fact

Taymor’s version beat out a potential James Cameron Tempest, where Prospero would have been on the Orlando Magic.

Related Movies

Titus, Romeo and Juliet, other versions of The Tempest

What’s Good About It?

I like seeing big versions of Shakespeare, and the Tempest is one play that could really be made cool with the addition of special effects. It isn’t contemporary, which is a plus, and the cast is mostly good. If they have to change Prospero to a woman (they didn’t) they at least picked Helen Mirren to play her, which is a damn fine choice.

What’s Bad About It?

One little problem with the casting.


This type of ass would wipe himself with Shakespeare’s plays. (see how I said wipe ‘himself?’ cause I mean he would wipe his ass, but I called him an ass and so he’d just wipe himself? Hilarious)

Our Clever Prediction

I’m going to put some money on this not doing as well as some would lead you to believe. There were those who thought that Across the Universe should have gotten some more award recognition. I liked it, but for the most part it was a crap movie. It was just good music. Taymor is by NO MEANS a visionary director. The one chance The Tempest has is for Mirren to get nominated, but I don’t really see it happening.

Oh, and before the forum goes nuts. James Cameron was NOT going to make a 3D basketball version of the film. I was being stupid. It’s something I do.

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