The Suffering (2011)


The Suffering is a video game adaptation of the moderately popular horror game made for Xbox, PS2, and the PC.

The story follows a convicted murderer on his way to the electric chair for murdering his ex-wife and two kids. Sounds like my kind of hero. As he awaits execution, monsters (!) attack the prison, killing most of the guards and other prisoners. Using brute force and whatever weapons he can find, the convict must fight his way to freedom, and the truth. Heh. I made that sound like the back of the game’s box. One player only, no online multiplayer. Rated S for Stupid.



The Scoop

Currently, director Marcus Adams is attached to write and direct. His previous work includes Octane. You remember Octane. It’s your favorite movie. Huh? You feel like you’ve heard of it but can’t remember it. Welcome to my world everyday. Darn alcohol.

Anyways, one of my favorite actors, Chiwetel Ejiofor, is apparently attached to star, although that remains unconfirmed. If he does indeed play the convict, I will have to give it a shot. He brings more to his films than most actors today. At least there is hope.

Who’s It For?

Has to be R.

Movie Release Date

No date set yet, but maybe late 2011 or sometime in 2012.

Who’s In It?

Chiwetel Ejiofor is the only rumor as of yet.

Interesting Fact

Choice between doing the right and wrong thing played a part in the series, perhaps this will find it’s way into the film. An interactive movie where you decide what happens next, and it’s not porn? Sign me up. Sign me up for the porn version too.

Related Movies

Silent Hill, Resident Evil, The Fugitive

What’s Good About It?

The game had its moments, and the story was basic enough that a decent writer might be able to turn it into a good film.

What’s Bad About It?

I can’t imagine most of you have ever heard of The Suffering. Or if you have you can hardly remember playing it. I was a decent game at best, and isn’t really worthy of a theatrical film. There are other games worth adapting. I hope those get made first.

Our Clever Prediction

I don’t see it getting made. There has been very little news as of late, and the game was optioned in 2005, back when the game was still moderately well-known. If another game is made in the series, and is a hit, then the movie may regain momentum. I’m not going to hold my breath.

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  1. Got to disagree w/ you there, I’m a harsh critic of entertainment value and for a buck The Suffering was certainly that! Now the experience did lack some overall fright value, but it was always meant to be more of a horror game than a terror title, a fine line though, sure. In other words, it aimed more to get your “Oh god, no!” response than your screams… of terror.
    That’s all to say nothing of the fast paced action, either – though the player, as mentally unbalanced, convicted and shoeless deathrow inmate, Torque, at first can’t help but feel overwhelmed, helpless and paranoid by the awful events occuring around him, as the story progresses, NPCs drop one-by-one and you gradually come to realize and accept by near game’s conclussion that it’s come down to just you and the swarming bad guys, your choices throughout the game serve to help you decide who is baddest monster at the final showdown. At points like this in the storyline players are forced to show their true colors by either mastering the chaos and becoming the true scarriest creature
    trapped on the island or fleeing for their lives just to survive.
    Besides that basic pretext, the game’s atmosphere and environments are absolutely constructed perfectly. Given the size of the island penitentiary itself as well as it’s many sub-levels, rec yards,
    adjacent structures, sewers, etc. you feel highly accomplished by just breaking-out of jail in the first place, as many hours of gameplay as it took to do so, which considering it’s prison (and haunted) is making pretty good time! Of coarse what’s even more disturbing is how pathetic you suddenly feel having thrown-off the chains of confinement and claustrophobia that were so familiar “inside” as Torque begins the second half of the game venturing out into the wide open woods and beyond.
    And lets not forget the monsterous bad guys themselves – few and far between are the games that offer so much variety yet also such a
    unified theme of villainy. The many seperate forms of violent execution the monsters represent really keeps the player on his toes and the lights just plain ON.
    I really feel like I’m only scratching the surface here because the truth is that there was a whole lot of work that went into this game for an original title. “Well Balanced” is the term I like to use most when describing my favorite games and The Suffering was certainly that. For a title that could have been done so poorly it offered a decent challenge, great action, enough scares and bloody guts for the horror fans, many various kinds of fights, fighters, and fighting grounds despite the usual concerns, great themes in locations, bad guys and weapons, all of which served to enhance the atmosphere, not just exist in it, and multiple optional playing styles via different difficulty levels, first/third person perspectives and alternate endings qhich encouraged at least three seperate play-throughs, that’s relatively high replay value there even if you didn’t like it and are just trying to get your money’s worth!
    I really enjoyed the game and still miss it, but it’s highly recomended and tall on my list of under-rated games. The sequel did not follow-up as well, but did alright to please the hardcore fans. I don’t hold my breath for Hollywood much these days but the opportunity is good, despite whatever the finished product may yield, and I will say that the lead they have picked-out is a d*mn fine actor.

  2. personaly i love this game and the story line and i will be first in line to see it also i do hope they dont screw it up like other game based movies

  3. Dante,

    huge jackman can’t pla him toqure is half black and hal mexican so it has to ba an actor who is all this. that what i believe. lisa

  4. I chose puke because honestly I just hate game tieing movies (and movie tieing games) I don’t wanna hear about another one again. I hated the first Resident Evil and they made three more. They all turn out like frakenstein monsters where a fan favorite like pyramid head is used out of context. This ugly and I hope it gets nixed!

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