The Sitter (2011)


The Sitter is a comedy about a suspended college student living with his mother who agrees to babysit some neighbor kids, and then the craziness begins.

The Sitter stars Jonah Hill, so you can figure what the style of humor is based on that. It’ll probably be something like Get Him to the Greek, but they’re billing it as a mix of Superbad and Adventures in Babysitting, so we’ll all just pretend that doesn’t sound awful and go see it. Actually, the film really is a remake of Adventures in Babysitting but don’t tell anyone.

The Sitter

The Sitter is being directed by David Gordon Green, who directed The Pineapple Express and the forthcoming Your Highness. Let’s consider this. He has two films coming out in a relatively short period of time. Is he a hack? Is it really possible for a director to have one film come out in April and another in August and for those two films not to suck? I say no, but then I think that Your Highness has been completed for a while and the studio has just been waiting for the right time to release it. It’s possible. If that is the case, then The Sitter may not be so bad.

But it probably will be. Consider that Pineapple Express and Your Highness flopped to epic proportions. Your Highness lost around 30 million dollars, not good for an aspiring film maker. Good luck David, this is your last chance at success. Jonah Hill hasn’t exactly been on fire lately, his last starring role was in Cyrus, which barely broke 7 million at the box office. The Sitter is really important to a lot of people, I’m actually hoping it does well since Hill has a likeable quality we want to see more of.


Trailer # 2, (Restricted) – not for the kiddies.

Who’s It For?

The Sitter is a comedy for adults, who are in the need of a good chuckle and appreciate the angle this movie is taking. Its like an R rated version on the 80’s movie Adventures In Babysitting, and I actually look forward to checking this out.


Movie Release Date

The Sitter hits theaters December 9th, 2011. It was supposed to be here back in August, but decided to push it back for a Christmas release instead.

Who’s In It?

Sam Rockwell, Jonah Hill, Ari Graynor,Miriam McDonald, Erin Daniels,Method Man

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Get Him to the Greek, Superbad, Your Highness, Adventures in Babysitting

What’s Good About It?

The premise, while kinda weak and derivative, could be funny with Jonah Hill.

What’s Bad About It?

On the other hand, Jonah Hill isn’t all that good, and he can’t really elevate bad material to something watchable. That’s why Jim Carrey makes the big bucks.

Our Clever Prediction

With the director pulling double duty, I would guess the film won’t be terribly successful. On the other hand, it is being released on August 5, which is a good time for a summer comedy, so the studio appears to have faith in The Sitter. It’ll probably be underwhelming, but I doubt it’ll fail too hard.

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    I am in love with Max Records!!
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    This should be a great movie! I was an extra in it.

    Are you the attractive girl who plays the next door neighbor?

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