Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) – A Legendary Spy Trains his Nephew in Espionage

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The Secret Service adapts the comic book of the same name for the big screen, with Colin Firth playing a suave super spy recruiting a young British thug into the world of espionage.

I’ve read a few issues of the comic, and the basic premise is that it follows a young punk kid from England, with a bad mom who just started dating some new jerk, when his uncle shows up after years of being absent, and the uncle tries to do something for his nephew as a way of honoring his brother. The uncle sees potential in his nephew, and helps him enlist in a spy program. It turns out the uncle, Jack, is not only a spy, but a legendary spy, and while his nephew is nothing like most of the recruits, he does appear to have natural talent, and makes up for his lack of training with toughness, but can he become a good enough spy to save the day?

I assume there’ll be some day-saving in here at some point.

The Secret Service

The Secret Service is the second teaming up of Mark Millar and director Matthew Vaughn. Millar wrote the comic book that Vaughn’s Kick-Ass was based on, and the two collaborated a little while after on this comic, so Vaughn is not just adapting the comic, but he actually had a hand in coming up with the story. Actually, I believe he had the idea, and enlisted Millar to help him write it as a comic.

The comic was adapted into a screenplay by Vaughn and Jane Goldman.


The Secret Service Trailer

The Secret Service Release Date

November 14, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Colin Firth… Uncle Jack
Samuel L. Jackson… Villain
Michael Caine
Taron Egerton… Gary
Sophie Cookson… Female Lead

What’s Good About It?

The comic isn’t bad, though it was delayed, and I suspect on purpose, for the film so as to not spoil the ending. It’s a pretty basic plot, and pretty much just a British version of Colin Farrell’s The Recruit, but I like that it’s more of a James Bond style spy thing, with a new generation learning the tricks of the trade from a legend who happens to be his uncle.

What’s Bad About It?

I’m generally mistrusting of Mark Millar. He’s not bad, but his recent run of comics has been boring as shit. I know he likes taking basic, shitty ideas and making them over the top and fanboys fall in love with it, but Nemesis was lame, as was Superior, and they were both just an attempt to tempt Hollywood into buying the film rights so he can line his wallet. None of these stories can possibly be a true great work for him, but rather a way to milk people of their cash. Plus, Millar is really boastful, to the point of not being able to trust him. There’s a film version of Nemesis in the works, and he wrote the most vomit-inducing review of the screenplay I’ve ever read.

Our Clever Prediction

I think The Secret Service is going to be a lot of fun. With Colin Firth playing the James Bond-like Uncle Jack and Michael Caine playing… well, somebody, it’s got to be good, right? Plus, Sam Jackson is the villain. That’s always a good thing.