The Scenesters (2011)


You know what group of people is almost universally made up of douche bags? Serial killers. In The Scenesters, a serial killer is targeting hipster girls. The good news is, The Scenesters is a low budget film, with very little high-priced talent, so it may only have to hit 5 million to break even.

A failed filmmaker takes a job as a crime scene videographer. He befriends some crime scene cleaners, like what Amy Adams did in Sunshine Cleaners, and he and the cleaner start to pick up on clues that the detectives on the case are missing. The pair start tracking down a dangerous killer.

The tag line for the film is: Lights. Camera. Murder.


The Scoop

The Scenesters is a small indie film by Todd Berger, who wrote the screenplay for the video short Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five. So there is talent to spare. Oh, and Todd plays the failed filmmaker, in the film. Not in real life. Cause he’s such a successful filmmaker, what with The Scenesters guaranteed to make somewhere in the vicinity of $80 Billion dollars. Billion.


Who’s It For?

Well, if it’s going to make $80 billion, almost everyone on earth is going to have to see it.


Movie Release Date

February, 2011. Limited release.

Who’s In It?

 Sherilyn Fenn … A.D.A. Barbara Dietrichson
  Blaise Miller … Charlie Newton
  Suzanne May … Jewell Wright
  Jeff Grace … Roger Graham
  Kevin Brennan … Investigator Henry Muse
  Todd Berger … Wallace Cotten
  Monika Jolly … Investigator Carlita Travers
  James Jolly … Irving Shaw
  Summer Perry … Clare
  Robert R. Shafer … George Porter
  Elizabeth Sandy … Kimberly Rockwell
  Joel Stoffer … Hume Wonacott
  John Landis … Judge Paxton B. Johnson
  Claudia Choi … Dr. Brenda Harper
  Brian Huskey … Bill
  Juliana Rabe … The Girl In The Blue Dress
  Sarah Hall … The Witch

What’s Good About It?

It’s possible the writing will be really clever and this will be the greatest thing ever…

What’s Bad About It?

However, that isn’t likely.

Our Clever Prediction

$80 Billion. DOMESTIC. Worldwide? $0.12… GAJILLION. (that works out to… a lot)