The Roommate (2011)


The Roommate is a horror film about a college freshman who has a roommate from hell.

Sara is a college freshman who finds her safety in jeopardy after she is paired with a twisted roommate. No, not me. Although I would also be a bad roommate. In the case of The Roommate, her… roommate is a girl who becomes obsessed with her, and starts to target her loved ones. Why? Because woman are CRAZY.


The Scoop

Oddly, not a remake, but it is very similar to other films, such as Wicker Park and Single White Female. But this one takes place in college, so it’s way different. The Roommate is directed by Christian E. Christiansen, who was nominated for an Oscar back in 2007 for his short film At Night. Writer Sonny Mallhi’s previous films include Shutter and The Strangers, so he has some decent experience with horror films.

Okay, I didn’t see Shutter, and The Strangers, while creepy, was kinda bland.

Who’s It For?

Probably R.

Movie Release Date

February 4, 2011.

Who’s In It?

Matt Lanter … Jason
Cam Gigandet … Stephen
Leighton Meester … Rebecca
Billy Zane
Minka Kelly … Sara
Danneel Harris … Irene

Interesting Fact

Director Christian E. Christiansen is from Denmark. So he likes danishes.

Related Movies

The Strangers, Shutter, Single White Female, Wicker Park

What’s Good About It?

One name: Billy Zane. Awesome.

Also, Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester? At least the film will be pretty.

What’s Bad About It?

Minka Kelly is 30. She may be pretty and look young for her age, but she’s still 30. Not exactly a college freshman. And Meester is 24. So it’s 6 and 12 years older than their part. What amazing casting. Now I want Billy Zane to be playing their younger high school boyfriend.

Our Clever Prediction

Horror films tend to do well regardless of whether they’re good or not. I think this could have had potential, but when you cast an ‘actress’ like Leighton Meester as your crazy girl, it doesn’t bode well for the film. Nevertheless, I think the box office will be decent, and I may see it. If I have a ladyfriend to go with.

I’m so full of love and butterfingers. Won’t you scratch my belly?

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