The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt (2011)


The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt will tell the tale of a younger Theodore Roosevelt, the 75th President of the United States. The story will follow him from his youth as a privileged and wimpy New York politician to the commander of the Rough Riders, which is less wimpy.

It isn’t clear as of yet how far the film will take Roosevelt into his political career. It may end short of him becoming president, although it will likely see him through the Spanish-American War. It is a tale less told than that of McKinley, who preceded him as president. Everyone knows about McKinley. I’d bet twice as many people know who shot him than who shot Lincoln.

And know most of you check Wikipedia to see if McKinley really was assassinated. And if he was shot, or poisoned. My moneys on Colonel Mustard with the candlestick, in the Lincoln bedroom (!!).


Nada mucho.

The Scoop

The story is being developed as a starring vehicle for Leonardo DiCaprio with Martin Scorcese directing. Who’da thunk those two would ever work together? The screenplay is being written by Nicholas Meyer, who wrote the Star Trek film directed by Leonard Nimoy. I knew that whole film was really just an allegory for Teddy Roosevelt!

Who’s It For?

X, They may even triple that X up. Oh, you didn’t know that the Rough Riders were a group of porno actors?

Movie Release Date

TBA, maybe 2011, but probably not.

Who’s In It?

Leonardo DiCaprio… Theodore Roosevelt

Well, maybe.

Interesting Fact

Based on the book by Edmund Morris.

Related Movies

Night at the Museum, JFK, Nixon

What’s Good About It?

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt has one thing going for it: teddy bear marketing tie-ins. I’ve never even heard of the actor or director associated with this!

What’s Bad About It?

After Robin Williams’ spot on performance, how can Leonardo DiCaprio compare? Also, too little about the film at present. Who else will be in the Rough Riders? I suggest the cast of The Expendables. If I know my American history, and I do, then they are spot on.

Our Clever Prediction

If Scorcese and DiCaprio want to make The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, they will. No force on earth can stop them. Not even (drum roll) Superman!

Why Superman? Seriously, I have no idea.

Yes, I know he was the 26th President of the United States. At least according to the way the government wants you to number the presidents. The truth? He really is the 75th. It’s all a massive conspiracy that was put in place during the luke warm war. Oh, the luke warm war took place between WWI and WWII. Don’t confuse it with the hot tub war. Far more people died during the luke warm war.

But don’t tell them you heard it from me.

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  1. seriously you now nothing. first off, how can Roosevelt have been the 75th president of the united states, when Barack Obama is only the 44th? TR was the 26th president of the united states.

    if you know anything about the book and its history you would know that Edmund Morris, who won a Pulitzer Prize for this biography, initially envisioned the project as a made-for-TV movie on Roosevelt’s early years. If you actually read it you would know that the intro is a scene with roosevelt as president, shaking the hands of well-wishers at the White House on New Years Day, and setting a world record for the most hands shaken on a single day that still stands.

    You would also know how the book ends. Roosevelt, as vice president, on a picnic with his family, seeing an army messenger running toward him, carrying the message that President McKinley has died.

    you would also know that there are two more books in the series, Theodore Rex and Colonel Roosevelt.

    you’re clearly kind of dumb-a$$ actually. I wish I had the time I wasted reading this nonsense of yours and responding to it back.

    • Read the entire article, you fucking idiot, it clearly states why he was referred to as the 75th president. Holy shit, get a sense of humor and learn to read a little.

  2. Thanks for the heads up – that is if you’re serious.

    The book is outstanding – with enough material for a series. Should be no trouble at all to do a 2-1/2 hour film.

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