The Return of Captain Kidd (2011)


The Return of Captain Kidd is a kid’s film about a pair of brothers who discover the ghost of a famous pirate captain.

The are very few details currently available on the film, although Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd is playing the grandfather of the two boys. Apparently, Captain Kidd will be making a return. I wonder what else I can extrapolate from the title. Well, he’s a Captain. Not a kid, cause of the 2 d’s. Like double d’s. Mmm. Knockers.


Not yet.

The Scoop

The film is being directed by Kern Konwiser, who has made such lovely films as Shanghai Kiss, with Hayden Panettiere. Now I hate him.

Who’s It For?

I’m betting on PG.

Movie Release Date


Who’s In It?

Christopher Lloyd … Gramps
Jimmy Bennett … Cole Willits
Connor Price … Tyler Willits
Jackson Bond … Jesse
Jennifer Sommerfield … Curator
Spencer Harrison Levin … Martin

Interesting Fact

Pirate ghosts are especially common in North Dakota.

Related Movies

Back to the Future, Shanghai Kiss, Dennis the Menace (what? That’s what it reminds me of)

What’s Good About It?

Kid’s films always have a bit of leeway with me. They don’t have to be great as long as kids like them. The Return of Captain Kidd looks like it could be fun. I wish Christopher Lloyd was playing the pirate though.

What’s Bad About It?

The director made a film with Hayden Panettiere. Arghh.

Our Clever Prediction

I don’t think there are any expectations of a high box office on this one. I’m thinking a very small release, with a potential for straight to video.

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