The Resident (2011)


A recently divorced female doctor moves into a new apartment only to find that she may not be alone…

HAH! Female doctor! Yeah. That’ll be the day.

The Scoop

In director Antti Jokinen’s latest film, Hilary Swank plays the ridiculous lead role, who thinks that her new life may be too good to be true, as she has a wonderful new loft, and her landlord is Jeffrey Dean Morgan! How hunky! I sense romantic comedy! Oh, but it turns out this isn’t a sequel to PS I Love You. No, he’s really a crazed stalker. And since he’s the landlord, I bet he has keys to her apartment! She isn’t SAFE!! Someone save her! And I bet her ex-husband will be there to comfort her, but in crazy speculation mode (which I’m in now) I bet it turns out the HUSBAND is the stalker, and the landlord is just kinda creepy and he’s really just trying to protect her. But she’ll find out too late…

Except this is a Hollywood film, so she’ll survive, but the husband will kill the landlord. And she’ll kill her husband. Just like in Daredevil.


Who’s It For?

Everyone. Sure, it hasn’t been rated yet and will likely be R, but I still feel this is one for the kids. So they’ll learn (shakes fist menacingly).


Yeah, I’m nice enough today to post a gallery of images from The Resident. You are welcome.

Movie Release Date

TBA 2011. Probably early 2011.

Who’s In It?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan … Max
Hilary Swank … Dr. Juliet Dermer
Christopher Lee … August
Lee Pace … Jack
Aunjanue Ellis

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PS I Love You, The Roommate, Single White Female, Wicker Park

What’s Good About The Resident?

Christopher Lee is kinda cool. He may elevate The Resident to watchable status.

What’s Bad About The Resident?

Hilary Swank is a great actress, but outside of her Oscar bait movies, they’re never terribly good. And…

Our Clever Prediction

… rarely do they make any money. I’m thinking this won’t be very good. I’m not even planning on seeing The Resident, and I see most films. Sorry. Although, if she decides to change her last name to Swanky, I may reconsider. MAY.