The Other Woman (2011)


The Other Woman tells the tale of a man who has an extramarital affair, and later receives a disturbing film from his scorned mistress.

Happens all the time. Which is why I give all my mistresses a one way ticket to Canada when I’m done with them. It generally takes care of the problem. I find that no one can ever find their way out of Canada once they arrive, even though they’re incredibly unhappy and desperate to escape. I think it’s because the water in Canada makes you stupid. Really stupid.

Not a lot is known about the film, but producer Eli Roth has said that it will

“the worst nightmares of those who have had extramarital affairs, and the sickest fantasies of those who have been scorned.”

Sounds… great.

The Scoop

Well, like I said, it’s produced by Eli Roth, so it has his stamp of approval, meaning my stamp of disapproval. To be fair, I enjoyed The Last Exorcism, but that’s only because I had insanely low expectations and I like films about Exorcism. For The Other Woman, Huck Botko, who wrote The Last Exorcism, is writing and directing, so there should be a fair number of similarities in style. I hope it doesn’t go too over the top, and is instead a psychological story, rather than a Hostel-esque torture porn.


Nothing yet.

Who’s It For?

Likely R, but no rating yet.

Movie Release Date

February 4, 2011. Limited.

Who’s In It?

The only person I can find in the film is Jamie Bell, who I assume is playing the man who has the affair, although he’s a bit young for the role.

Related Movies

The Last Exorcism, Basic Instinct, Fatal Attraction

What’s Good About It?

It could be a cool film. The concept is decent enough. Or, at least, it was a decent concept when it was done in Fatal Attraction.

What’s Bad About It?

Come on, it’s Eli Roth. It should suck.

Our Clever Prediction

It’ll probably end up making money, since I assume it was made for next to nothing, and horror generally does reasonably well, so as long as it gets a full release, it should do okay.

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  1. Happens all the time. Which is why I give all my mistresses a one way ticket to Canada when I’m done with them.

    So how many of your sisters live here now?

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