The Next Three Days (2010)


The Next Three Days is an action drama starring Russell Crowe as a man whose wife is accused of murder and the steps he takes to free her, both legal and illegal.

Crowe will play John Brennan, whose wife, played by Elizabeth Banks, is put in prison and spends three years awaiting her appeal. After their final appeal is denied, Crowe devises a plan to break his wife out of jail. I’m calling that at some point someone’s going to say, “The next three days will be the most important in your life.” Or something crazy close to that.


The Scoop

Writer/Director Paul Haggis has a pretty good track record as a writer, he wrote the last two James Bond films, Million Dollar Baby, Crash, and he created Walker, Texas Ranger!! If I didn’t sound enthusiastic before, I apologize. I am now enthusiastic. One note, all the great stuff he’s been apart of? He didn’t direct them. This will be the first feature he’s directed.

Who’s It For?

I’m guessing R, but no news yet.

Movie Release Date

November 19, 2010.

Who’s In It?

Liam Neeson … Damon
Olivia Wilde … Nicole
Russell Crowe … John Brennan
Elizabeth Banks … Laura
Jonathan Tucker … David
Brian Dennehy … George Brennan
RZA … Mouss
Lennie James … Lt. Nabulsi
Moran Atias … Erit

Interesting Fact

Star Olivia Wilde is married to a prince. Not Prince, just a prince. Still, you have no chance. Leave her to me.

Related Movies

State of Play, 3:10 to Yuma, The Shawshank Redemption

What’s Good About It?

Russell Crowe usually makes good movies, outside of Robin Hood, and Olivia Wilde and Elizabeth Banks have entered my mind in the last few minutes and won’t leave. What are they doing in there?

What’s Bad About It?

It may encourage more prison breakouts. After Star Trek, BP decided to destroy the world with mining equipment, just like the bad guy from Trek!

Our Clever Prediction

I think Paul Haggis is going to rock as a director. He’s clearly a fantastic writer, and this being his first feature as a director bodes very well I’d say. He has a lot of talented friends to ask advice, and he’s not going to screw up his first movie. First, they’ll break out of the prison. Then they’ll break into my heart.

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