The New Saw 3D Trailer is out


Lionsgate is pretty proud of their new Saw 3D movie, so they are pumping out the trailer pretty hard. I’ve lost interest in the franchise, but the 3D angle may give it a boost to the bottom line, which Lionsgate so desperately needs.

Saw still has a certain amount of appeal, I’m not sure if making it in 3D is going to save this franchise, but it can’t hurt Jigsaw’s future at this point.

Saw 3D

You can check out our complete Saw coverage when you get a chance, but for those of you with ADD, here’s the scoop.

As a deadly battle rages over Jigsaw’s brutal legacy, a group of Jigsaw survivors gathers to seek the support of self-help guru and fellow survivor Bobby Dagen, a man whose own dark secrets unleash a new wave of terror.

Here’s the new trailer :

Anyways, we have come to expect a new Saw movie for Halloween now, so I guess we’ll check it out regardless. This new saw film promises to be bloodier than the previous Saw movies, not sure how well this translates into the 3D world.

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