The Middle Child (2011)


The Middle Child is a comedy starring Jonah Hill in which he learns that he was put up for adoption before he was born.

As the young man rediscovers his family, he is treated both as an outcast as well as the son they always wanted.



The Scoop

Little is known about The Middle Child at present. Hill is currently set to direct, and I believe he has written the script, but it may go through some rewrites before it goes into production.

Who’s It For?

No doubt either PG-13 or R. Feels like an R story to me.

Movie Release Date


Who’s In It?

Jonah Hill is the only cast currently attached to The Middle Child.

Interesting Fact

Jonah Hill isn’t really fat. It’s all an illusion.

Related Movies

Superbad, Get Him to the Greek, Cyrus, Funny People

What’s Good About It?

Any film that falls under the care of the Judd Apatow umbrella has potential. Many of those films fail to live up to expectations, but there’s still a chance.

What’s Bad About It?

Too little known, and Hill doesn’t strike me as a capable director. The Middle Child will rest entirely on his shoulders, and they may not bear the weight very well.

Our Clever Prediction

I think it’ll get made. Hill is a relatively hot property in Hollywood right now, and the story has the potential for some laughs. Hopefully, The Middle Child is closer to Forgetting Sarah Marshall than Funny People.

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