The Loop (2010)


The Loop is a romantic comedy in which a man and a woman connect with one another while searching for the man’s long-lost parents, and they search for the origins of a stray parrot.

I don’t even know how to expand on that description. It’s such a common story. I know I complained about Burlesque being derivative, but ANOTHER film about a stray parrot? Wasn’t that what Avatar was about? Sheesh, just because Shakespeare wrote about it doesn’t mean you have free reign to rip it off over and over again. I didn’t miss the point when read King Lear, did I?


Apparently, I’m in a romantic comedy in search of a missing trailer. Where’s the hot chick? It better not be that Richard dude.

The Scoop

The director, Margaret Whitton, seems to have never directed another film, but you would know her as Rachel Phelps from Major League 1 and 2. So… talented? The film is based on the novel by Joe Coomer, and this will be the first film based on his work.

Who’s It For?

Probably PG-13. Which in this case stands for Parrot Genre minus 13. Which makes almost no sense at all.

Movie Release Date

TBA September 2010.

Who’s In It?

Rachel Nichols … Fiona
Jackson Hurst … Lyman
Anjanette Comer … Mrs. Weber
Linda Emond … Margie
Buck Henry … Duncan Weber
Judith Ivey … Eleanor Reeves
Erik Jensen … Bearded Man

Interesting Fact

The parrot turns out to be a pirate. It is currently suing Pirates of the Caribbean, cause he’s a pirate.

Related Movies

Paulie. How awesome am I for remembering that one film that was based on a parrot? Answer: Way awesome.

What’s Good About It?

I am, as you all know, a HUGE fan of good looking women. Rachel Nichols is a good looking woman. I think you can see where this is going. I want to see the parrot do funny things. Whoa. Curveball!

What’s Bad About It?

The directorial debut of a costar from Major League? I’m more interested in the home tapes directed by Charlie Sheen. At least in those he beats the parrot.

Our Clever Prediction

Considering the film is set to be released in September and there’s not set due date or trailer, I’m thinking the studio doesn’t have a lot of faith in this film. I’ll be honest, though. It looks original, and at the very least the premise has some promise.

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