The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)


The Lincoln Lawyer tells the tale of an attorney who discovers that the man who he helped put behind bars for murder is innocent, while the man he is currently defending is actually guilty of the crime.

The lawyer, here played by Matthew McConaughey, conducts business out of the back of his Lincoln Town car, so it has nothing to do with the president (damn) and he represents high profile clients in Beverly Hills, which begs the question, can’t the super rich celebrities afford to pay their lawyer enough to get an office? And why would they go to a lawyer who can’t afford an office?
The Lincoln Lawyer
Expect these questions and more to be answered, in the Lincoln Lawyer!

The Scoop

Directed by Brad Furman, whose claim to fame is being the assistant to Julia Roberts on Erin Brockovich and The Mexican (seriously, WTF?) he has recently made his theatrical directorial debut with The Take, starring John Leguizamo and Tyrese Gibson. Writer John Romano has written only a few movies, such as Nights in Rodanthe and the story for Intolerable Cruelty, but his main body of work appears to be writing for TV series, such as In Plain Sight, The Beast, and the TV movie for Dark Angel. He’s an old pro, who should bring some much needed experience to the film.

Who’s It For?

This film has not yet been rated. Always wanted to say that. Imagine me with a really deep, gruff voice.

Movie Release Date

March 18, 2011.

Who’s In It?

Matthew McConaughey … Mickey Haller
Marisa Tomei
Ryan Phillippe
John Leguizamo
William H. Macy
Margarita Levieva … Reggie Campo
Michaela Conlin … Heidi Sobel

Interesting Fact

Based on the novel by Michael Connelly, who also wrote the novel that Clint Eastwood’s Blood Work was based.

Related Movies

Blood Work, A Time to Kill, The Pelican Brief

What’s Good About It?

I like lawyer dramas when they’re written by someone who has half a clue about the law. My brother and father are both lawyers, so I can never watch the TV shows based on lawyers, because I know how stupid they really are. Based on the fact that Connelly wrote the story, I’m hoping there will be at least an air of authenticity to go along with the story, so it may end up a cool film.

What’s Bad About It?

I don’t trust director Brad Furman. I don’t really mind if someone’s start in the entertainment business is as an assistant, even to Julia Roberts, but it reeks of schmoozing more than talent. If he had a few more quality titles to his name I might give this more of a shot, as it stands, I just can’t help but feel he’s been given the chance because of who he knows, and not because of how good he is.

Our Clever Prediction

I’m calling that McConaughey has some debts (most likely from a divorce) that he has to pay and the opposing side of the case he lost his money to has distrained his property in an attempt to get him to pay the settlement. Distrain: to seize the property of (a person) in order to compel the payment of debts. OH YEAH, used my word of the DAY! WHOOOO!!

Oh, also, I think the film will be pretty good. The concept is reasonably interesting and I think McConaughey’s best performance to date was in A Time to Kill, playing a lawyer, so hopefully he’ll give another solid performance and elevate this to (potential) Oscar contention.

Box office should be halfway decent, but I’m thinking critics will like it.

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  1. I’ve seen The Take and I know Furman’s style is gritty and raw…which is probably what they were looking for with most of the scenes being shot outside in a Lincoln town car…the movies not a music video so let’s make it look like who we’re dealing with…drug dealers, murderers, gang members…etc…hell even the driver is a convict…with all that being said, the film should and will deliver!!

  2. Bo: but this is a big film, with big stars…and one that I am anxious to see!    

    Big stars rarely equates success these days, just go ahead and check out Tron, I Love You Phillip Morris and other recent bombs if you need proof. Matthew McConaughey as another lawyer? Have we just given up on finding other wonderful actors to portray this type of character?

  3. Let’s judge the work as it stands…to say what’s “bad about it” based upon Brad Furman’s experience as Julia Roberts’ assistant is completely irrelevant. Not to mention…Brad hasn’t worked with Julia for approx. 10 yrs! The trailer looks amazing (understanding it is a trailer)…but this is a big film, with big stars…and one that I am anxious to see!

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