The Iron Lady (2011)


The Iron Lady is a biopic of English prime minister Margaret Thatcher. The film will focus on her actions and decisions leading up to the Falklands War in 1982.

I was really excited before writing this preview because I thought it was about a female Iron Man. The one thing that film needed, in my opinion, was a woman in a robot suit. To be fair, that’s my solution to almost everything. Including True Grit, and that was a western.

The Iron Lady will focus on the complexity of Thatcher and her motivations and considerations while in charge of England. So far they haven’t announced casting of Ronald Reagan, but I would suggest Jack Donaghey, aka Alec Baldwin. They already cast Meryl Streep as the Thatch, and she no doubt has all sorts of liberal hate for the Iron Lady, so why not cast the perfecta of liberal hate? It would nicely balance MY movie, which is about Martin Luther King Jr., in which I cast Kelsey Grammer as Malcolm X.

The Scoop

Phyllida Lloyd is directing, and she last directed Mamma Mia!, which I think we can all agree was THE definitive version of the story. And by “we can all agree” I mean that I don’t know anything about the movie and refuse to see anything with the word MIA in the title. And I really wanted to see MIAmi Vice.


Who’s It For?

The British, Quakers, the people affected by the Falkland Wars.


Movie Release Date

TBA 2011.

Who’s In It?

Meryl Streep … Margaret Thatcher
  Jim Broadbent … Denis Thatcher
  Anthony Head … Geoffrey Howe
  Richard E. Grant … Michael Heseltine
  Roger Allam … Gordon Reece
  Olivia Colman … Carol
  Nick Dunning … James prior (rumored)
  Julian Wadham … Francis Pym
  Alexandra Roach … Young Margaret Thatcher
  Hugh Ross … Christopher Soames
  Michael Pennington … Michael Foot
  David Westhead … MacDermott
  Susan Brown … June
  Martyn Moore … Labour Party MP

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What’s Good About It?

Meryl Streep is Oscar gold. Her movies stink, but they usually end with her nominated, and the Iron Lady looks like Oscar bait, so it should be good.

What’s Bad About It?

I don’t understand why they’re making a film about Margaret Thatcher when there still hasn’t been a film about the life of Donny Osmond. I can’t wait for the part about his time as a race car driver.

Our Clever Prediction

No doubt the film will be nominated for a handful of Oscars, and it’ll probably make a bit of coin. Sorry, I should explain that “coin” means money. So it’ll make a lot of money.

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  1. I will wait for the Movie to come out before critisising it. I just hope the makers do Mrs T justice. i am concerned what i have read about the film , but we will see.She was the best P.M. this country has seen since Winston.

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