The Insane Laws (2012)


The Insane Laws is a comedy starring Jason Bateman and Vince Vaughn as two best friends who have to deal with bad feelings when one guy’s son gets the other guy’s daughter pregnant.

Stupid kids. That’s what the MOUTH is for.

Too dirty? I don’t care.

Anyways, the film has just started casting, and very few details are known at present, although we can expect more of the dynamite chemistry Vaughn and Bateman had in Couples Retreat, meaning… some? I don’t know, I didn’t see that crap.

The Insane Laws

I guarantee this film got made primarily because of the title. Guarantee. No director has been selected yet, but the screenplay was written by Jeremy Garelick, who wrote previous Vaughn film The Break-up. Yippee.

The Insane Laws Trailer

No trailer yet.

Movie Release Date

TBA 2013.



Who’s In It?

Jason Bateman
Vince Vaughn

What’s Good About It?

I really like Jason Bateman, and Vince Vaughn is funny at times. Perhaps the Insane Laws won’t be so bad.

What’s Bad About It?

Is anyone excited by this film? Seriously?

Our Clever Prediction

I doubt there’ll be much of a craving for this turd, but it’ll probably do okay. I guessing it’ll come out in January, when people are so sick of winter they’ll do anything for a little warmth. Including farting in a warm theater.

Farting in a warm theater. That’s like, the PERFECT metaphor for Canada.

Guess what, Canada? I just got you AGAIN.