The Incredibles 2 Footage?


This is interesting, someone sent me a link to some apparent footage from The Incredible 2 today, a rough animation and video. Check it out, tell me if you think its real.

Incredibles 2 Footage

I’m putting this out there because I haven’t seen it before, so help us out. It looks real, is it from the new Incredibles 2 movie, [link to our coverage] or from the original film?

Update : Footage has been pulled for some reason… was it real? We are looking into this, give us a sec.

Someone help clear this up for us so we don’t run with it if it isn’t true.

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  1. I hope that is real. I’ve been waiting on an Incredibles movie since the day after the first one came out. I think it should have been more of them than Madagascar. IJS

  2. it looked pretty real to me but you have to be carfull with these things its like every day life there are ups and downs but we will get thruogh i promise

  3. What happened in it? Just curious, I hope it isn’t a deleted scene from #1 or something 🙂

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