The High Cost of Living (2011)


The High Cost of Living is a feel good comedy about a drug dealer who hits a pregnant woman with his car and she loses her baby. Wait. Feel good comedy?

Oh, I see what happened. I saw Zach Braff, and I just couldn’t help feeling good.

Anyways, the film follows Braff’s drug dealer character as he begins to stalk the woman he hit. Oh, and it was a hit and run. So she doesn’t know he was the one who hit her. And they fall in love, but I bet she finds out, and then… it all works out? I don’t know. This sounds depressing.

The High Cost of Living

The High Cost of Living is the first feature film from writer/director Deborah Chow. She’s worked on some shorts in the past, but nothing I’ve heard of. Man, I bet Zach Braff wishes Scrubs was still on the air.

The High Cost of Living Trailer

The High Cost of Living Release Date

On Demand April 20, 2011. Limited release in LA on May 13, 2011.


Who’s In It?

 Zach Braff … Henry Welles
  Isabelle Blais … Nathalie
  Patrick Labbé … Michel
  Aimee Lee … Wai Lin
  Julian Lo … Johnny
  Sean Lu … Kenny
  Kyle Switzer … Eli
  Mylene Savoie … Anna
  Paula Jean Hixson … Olivia

What’s Good About It?

The trailer looks surprisingly good, and the concept, while kinda unrealistic, is interesting. I do feel bad though, since I’ve lived this film. My girlfriend has been pregnant so many times, and I just keep hitting her with my car.

Man, I am a monster.

What’s Bad About It?

I don’t like to get depressed at the movies. That’s why I’ll likely not see the High Cost of Living. It’s also why I don’t want to see Green Lantern.

Our Clever Prediction

Obviously, since the film is going straight to On Demand, no one expects it to make much money. It’s possible it’ll break even or make a bit of change, but the best thing for the film is for it to be good enough to help everyone involved get more work in bigger, sexier films.

Like Green Lantern.


  1. Does any one else get the impression that Zach Braff is trying just a litle too hard to be serious?
    I can’t blame him- he’s gotta shake the “JD” image and he branched out well with Garden State, but this films just seems… well… I dunno.. I’ll be able to comment better once I’ve seen the film

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