The Guard (2011)


The Guard is a comedy about a small town Irish cop with no interest in international drug rings who is paired with a straight laced FBI agent so they can bring down some bad dudes.

So the small town cop runs his town his own way. He isn’t a bad guy, but he does like prostitutes, and he doesn’t follow the law to the letter. Also, he’s sorta racist, but in a remarkably lovable way. You should watch the trailer, it’s a riot.


Oh, and Don Cheadle is a black guy, so they sorta butt heads, but in a loveable way.

The Guard

In case you were worried The Guard wouldn’t have any true Irish cred, John Michael McDonagh is the write/director. He wrote Ned Kelly, and his name sound Irish as heck. So he’s probably Ukranian or Thai.
Wouldn’t that be weird?

The Guard Trailer

Movie Release Date

July 29, 2011.


Who’s In It?

Don Cheadle … FBI agent Wendell Everett
  Liam Cunningham … Francis Sheehy
  David Wilmot … Liam O’Leary
  Rory Keenan … Garda Aidan McBride
  Mark Strong … Clive Cornell
  Fionnula Flanagan … Eileen Boyle
  Dominique McElligott … Aoife O’Carroll
  Sarah Greene … Sinead Mulligan
  Katarina Cas … Gabriela McBride
  Pat Shortt … Colum Hennessey
  Darren Healy … Jimmy Moody
  Laurence Kinlan … Photographer
  Gary Lydon … Garda Inspector Gerry Stanton

What’s Good About It?

Gleeson is a fantastic actor, and Cheadle is underrated. Hopefully The Guard fully exploits their combined talents.

What’s Bad About It?

It’s a relatively small production, and The Guard is currently only set for a limited release.

Our Clever Prediction

Tough one, but it’ll likely not make much money. That doesn’t mean it won’t be good, it just might not be a huge success.