The Giver & How to Train Your Dragon 2 Videos, Step Up All In Poster, & Doctor Strange has a Director?

step up all in june 4

The Giver has a new trailer in black and white (and maybe a bit of color), How to Train Your Dragon 2 makes introductions, Step Up All In confuses me, and Doctor Strange has a director!

The Giver

The Giver has a new trailer today that does a bit better job of showing the difference between a colorless world and one filled with color. I still haven’t read the book, because… well, porn, but I’ve heard it’s good. I’ve also heard from a few who have read the books that the trailers don’t look good. Bummer. But this one might be a bit more to their liking. It certainly looks better than the others to me, a man addicted to midgets dancing with their pants off.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

How to Train Your Dragon 2 introduces the fairly wide variety of dragons that will be in the animated sequel. It also gives some background on the story, the main characters’ mom showing up and such. I have to say my favorite part of the new film, or at least what I’ve seen of it, is the imaginative nature of the dragons they’ve created, with various attributes that aren’t always found in a dragon, like the ability to breath ice instead of fire. Kinda cool.

Step Up All In

Step Up All In has a new poster, and I know it’s ridiculously photoshopped, but star Briana Evigan looks hotter than shit. I mean that as if shit could be hot. Cause she looks hot. Yowza. And that dude shouldn’t be any trouble to get out of the way. I just need to dangle another man in front of him, and he’d be more interested in that than Briana. Then we could merge our names.

step up all in june 4

Doctor Strange

This is sorta twofold news for Doctor Strange. First, Marvel has essentially confirmed a rumor I’ve been yelling at people on the street as they avoid eye contact with me (I’m not a bum, but they make that mistake because of my smell and disheveled appearance) and are indeed making a Doctor Strange movie. Yay! Well, maybe yay. The issue is that Dr. Strange is a tough film to make, especially in Marvel’s style. It could come across as super weird, and a total failure. He needs to have a very dark edge to him.

Well, they found that in director Scott Derrickson. He made Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and a few other passable horror films in the last few years. He’s actually an exceptional choice. I like what they’re doing here. Of course, most likely he’ll drop out before it’s finished like Edgar Wright, because he’ll likely want to make the film his way, and Marvel has been getting more and more hands on by fucking with directors and films. Or at least they did with Ant-Man, and I’m therefore losing all faith even though Captain America: The Winter Soldier was the bomb.

So I’m a knee-jerk reacting dick. That’s what I’m saying.