The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is an adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s popular novel by the same name. The story involves the investigation of a 40 year old murder.

Admittedly, I have not read the books. I’m actually avoiding them until the film comes out. I’ve heard really good things, and if the film were not being directed by David Fincher, I would go read them right now, but I don’t want to know too much of the story before I see it.

The basic premise is that a middle aged journalist is hired by the aging member of the vast Vanger family to write their family history, but to also secretly investigate the disappearance of the old man’s niece almost 40 years earlier. The family is quite interesting, with some who are crazy or indifferent, or even hostile to the writer. He teams up with a young woman named Lisbeth Salander, who helps him solve the case.

I think all of that is correct. Apparently, it’s really good.


The Scoop

David Fincher will be directing a screenplay adaptation written by Steven Zaillian. The film was previously made in Sweden, also to rave reviews. The role of Lisbeth Salander was long contested, with some major Hollywood actresses actively campaigning for the part, which ultimately went to the relatively unknown actress Rooney Mara.

Who’s It For?

I’m thinking it will be R, but the studio may try to make it PG-13 to bring in a wider audience.

Movie Release Date

December 21, 2011.

Who’s In It?

Rooney Mara … Lisbeth Salander
Daniel Craig … Mikael Blomkvist
Stellan Skarsgård … Martin Vanger
Robin Wright … Erika Berger

Interesting Fact

The books were published after the death of writer Stieg Larsson. They are part of the Millenium Trilogy. So expect sequels!

Related Movies

The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo (Swedish Version), Seven, Fight Club, The Social Network

What’s Good About It?

If the book is as good as people say, and if the other adaptation is also as good as people say, then this should be an amazing film.

What’s Bad About It?

I’m ashamed to say that I just don’t know enough about the story to say it will be good. It certainly sounds interesting.

Our Clever Prediction

I see a really good box office for this one. No doubt critics will praise it and there will some sequels to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

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  1. I have read all three books and seen all three movies.
    The books are great and the movies did not come close to the books.
    The first movie, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, is the best. In my opinion, it is the one of the three movies that is closest to the book.

    I don’t expect the American movie to be as good as the original, but one can hope. This film will be either R or NC 17 rated.

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