The Future (2011)


The Future is about a mid-thirties couple who decide to adopt a cat, and the responsibility of caring for a creature for a long time changes their perspective of where they are.

So first things first, the trailer makes me think I’m not nearly cool enough to enjoy this film. What’s a cool person drink? Zema? Is that how you spell it? Am I that much less cool now that I’ve mentioned it?

Anyways, a man and woman who are both 35 decide to adopt a cat, but they thought that the cat would only live 6 months, so it wouldn’t be a big commitment. Then they find out the cat could live 5 years. Which would make them 40 when it dies. They’re both morons, clearly, since I can tell you how old I’d be in 5 years without a cat. (holy sh*t. I’m gonna be 80? I’ve never even touched a boob. I’m TOO YOUNG TO DIE)

Wait, I’m not gonna be 80. How old will I… DOES ANYONE HAVE A CAT?

Oh, and they go through a sort of early midlife crisis.

The Future

Miranda July is the star, writer and director of The Future. She’s a bit of an indie darling, so it’s okay if you haven’t heard of her before. Only cool people like me, drinking our Zemas, would have heard of her.

Oh, I just Googled it, and it’s Zima. Well, it’s what dudes like me drink. Cause we’re hip. Hip cats.

And Miranda July also wrote/directed Me and You and Everyone We Know, which you would know if you were drinking… Zima.

The Future Trailer

I can’t embed it yet, but you can see it here.

Movie Release Date

July 26, 2011. Limited release for the foreseeable… FUTURE.


Who’s In It?

  Miranda July … Sophie/Voice of Paw-Paw
  Hamish Linklater … Jason
  David Warshofsky … Marshall
  Isabella Acres … Gabriella
  Joe Putterlik … Joe
  Angela Trimbur … Dance Studio Receptionist
  Mary Passeri … Animal Shelter Receptionist
  Kathleen Gati … Dr. Straus
  Clement von Franckenstein … Alain First Solicitation
  Tonita Castro … Second Solicitation
  Diana Sandoval … Neighbor Woman
  Mark Atteberry … Tree by Tree Canvasser
  Frank Langley … T-Shirt Puppeteer
  Erinn K. Williams … Tammy
  Oona Mekas … Sasha
  Ryker Baloun … Barry at 3
  Olivia Thiering … Carrie at 3
  Taylor Cosgrove Scofield … Barry at 10
  Sara Rodier … Carrie at 10
  Brittney Hewitt … Carrie at 15
  Matthew Dunn … Barry at 15
  Bru Muller … Barry at 35
  Aubree Knecht … Carrie at 35
  Samantha Milazzo … Jayleen
  Andy Forrest … Last Solicitation

What’s Good About It?

The trailer actually doesn’t look half bad, and I really like Miranda’s hair.

What’s Bad About It?

The dude has the same hair. Uhh… Does this mean I’m gay. Hold that thought. I’m finishing my Zima.

Our Clever Prediction

No doubt it’ll be a cult classic for people in their mid-thirties who haven’t grown up and gotten a real job yet. Otherwise, no one is going to see it.