The Flash (2016)


The Flash is an adaptation of the popular and long running DC comic book character.┬áThere have been a number of different Flashes over the years, but the most popular and most likely to receive a big screen treatment is Barry Allen. Allen is a police scientist, meaning he works for Central City’s CSI, and one night while working lightening strikes him and soaks him in chemicals. The result? A painful death. Oh, wait. That would be the outcome if I was struck by lightening. Allen gains superspeed. As a result, he becomes the superhero The Flash. Cause he ‘Flashes’ by the bad guys. Like a flash of lightening. He’s fast.

How are you not getting this?

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Not yet.

The Scoop

There are currently a billion writers for The Flash, from comic book scribe Geoff Johns to current director Greg Berlanti. It seems the script by Berlanti, who also wrote the upcoming Green Lantern film, is the most likely to make it to the screen, and he’s also signed on to direct. Geoff Johns, who recently brought Barry Allen back to life, is working to oversee all upcoming DC comic films, and he knows the DC Universe as well as just about anyone, so at the very least the film will have a good source to make sure everything meshes well with what fans want.

Who’s It For?

Probably PG-13.

Movie Release Date


What’s Good About It?

The Flash looks cool as hell. The boots, the ear things. All cool. If a good director comes in and does something interesting, it’ll be great. I’m betting most of the film will be in slow motion, which is not what I mean by interesting, but it could still be cool. I’d get the director of the Incredibles to make The Flash. The speed of Dash is the best I’ve seen on screen. Ever. I think that was Brad Byrd, who’s making the next Mission Impossible, but maybe Warner Bros can lure him away with a dump truck full of money.

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  1. I’m quite excited about The Flash movie, but, as I have seen the Green Lantern been killed with way to much CGI stupid looking graphics I have major doubts. Flash is way cooler than the Green Lantern so let’s hope it will be a better movie.

  2. They are also making a Teen Titans movie which will have Kid Flash as a main Character, so probably won’t be Wally

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