The Family Tree (2011)


The Family Tree is a dramatic comedy about a dysfunctional family whose mother gets bonked on the head and loses her memory, giving the family a second chance at happiness.

All I can say is that the dad is at least reasonably intelligent. He stares at Christina Hendricks’s cans. I approve this lusting behavior. Also, Rachael Leigh Cook is still alive! How great is that news? And she’s still hot!

The Family Tree

Vivi Friedman is directing, which initially gave me pause, since I’d never heard of… her? Him? Before. Vivi is a chick name, right? Anyways, I was initially skeptical, but then I saw that she (he) was First Assistant Director for Sorority House Vampires, and I knew we had found the next Steven Spielberg. There were vampires, in a sorority!

The Family Tree Trailer

Movie Release Date

August 26, 2011.


Who’s In It?

 Christina Hendricks … Alicia
  Gabrielle Anwar … Nina
  Dermot Mulroney … Jack Burnett
  Rachael Leigh Cook … Rachel
  Madeline Zima … Mitzi
  Selma Blair … Ms. Delbo
  Brittany Robertson … Kelly Burnett
  Keith Carradine … Reverend Diggs
  Max Thieriot … Eric Burnett
  Jane Seymour … Grandma Ilene
  Hope Davis … Bunnie Burnett
  Bow Wow … T-Boy

What’s Good About It?

I just noticed that Bow Wow is in it. GOLD.

What’s Bad About It?

Nothing. Except for the basic premise, and that Christina Hendricks will likely not show her jugs off.

Our Clever Prediction

Dermot Mulroney was also in The Family Stone. So stone, tree… In two years I’ll be previewing The Family River, then The Family Horse, then… the Family Dog. I doubt it’ll go further than that. Right?