The Extra Man (2011)


Henry Harrison is a prostidude. A man-whore, he-bitch, man of the evening. He’s also the main of The Extra Man. BAM!! I just hit you with a switch. This film isn’t called Henry Harrison at all. That’s a Sixth Sense level twist. It’s like we’re playing twister, and you need to put right hand on blue, and are incapable of doing so. How will you handle the twist?

The Extra Man’s directors are Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini, whose other work includes The Nanny Diaries (crap!) and American Splendor (there we go). It seems like the first original, non-sequel, remake, comic book adaptation, spin-off, whatever, I’ve previewed in a while. And I am happy to be doing so. I liked the trailer (below) and Kevin Kline has something about him, especially as Henry Harrison, that charms the crap out of me. He plays the smartest moron ever. Good times.

{Movie Name } Trailer

Who’s It For?


Movie Release Date

July 30, 2010

Who’s In It?

Katie Holmes … Mary Powell
John C. Reilly … Gershon
Paul Dano … Louis Ives
Kevin Kline … Henry Harrison

Related Movies

The Nanny Diaries, American Splendor.

What’s Good About It?

Give a hand to Kevin Kline, I wouldn’t see it if not for him.

What’s Bad About It?

Of course, I may not see it in the theater anyways, but eventually, I will rent it. And the hand deserves to be given. Now I’m talking like him in the trailer.

Our Clever Prediction

I shall predict using only quotes I half remember from the trailer.
“So tell me… You’re a gigolo?
We should know as little… as possible!
I’m against the education of women.”
“You’re the only one… who speaks English.
I really like eggs.”
“The complete package! Essential!
That sounds like a lie!”
“This has gone on long enough.
No. That is enough.”

Took longer than I thought, but it kind of worked. Watch the trailer, then imagine the excerpts as new clips of conversation. I added quotes to show what should be considered together.

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