The Expendables 2 (2012)


The Expendables 2 is a sequel to 2010’s star packed movie starring Stallone, Willis, Statham and Jet Li. This sequel was planned some time ago, and is moving forward. In the new Expendables movie, there is some new star power added, and you may be surprised to find out who is in the movie. The Expendables was a pretty big success at the box office, so they are making a sequel to be released in 2012. The film did over 230 million at the box office, so it only made sense to make a new Expendables movie. The new Expendables 2 sequel was planned 7 months before the original movie was released in the theaters, which makes sense, because of the collective age of the main stars in this movie is 425 years old.

Details are of the new Expendables film are fuzzy, rumor has it the film will take place in the US, as this collection of macho men halt a terrorist plot in NYC. Why don’t they just call it Die Hard 5 and make life easier for all of us?

Who’s It For?

Mostly middle aged men going through a mid-life crisis and fans of old martial arts legends. No self-respecting man would be caught at this movie. Right? Guys? Right?

Release Date

The Expendables 2 hits theaters summer 2012.

Who’s In It?

Look for the exact same cast as the first Expendables movie, minus anyone who may have died in the film. However, Sly Stallone has confirmed that both Norris and Van Damme will be in the film. Chuck Norris and Van Damme! Holy smokes, this is incredible.

Jason Statham … Lee Christmas
Sylvester Stallone … Barney Ross
Bruce Willis … Church
Mickey Rourke … Tool
Dolph Lundgren … Gunnar Jensen
Jet Li … Ying Yang
Terry Crews … Hale Caezar
Randy Couture … Toll Road
Chuck F’n Norris
JC Van Damme

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Yeah, The Expendables

What’s Good About It?

Mindless action and face punching by legends of the action genre. Norris and Van Damme finally in a feature film together!

What’s Bad About It?

The face punching and explosions get a little dull over time, its just not my thing anymore, maybe its yours. The Expendables 2 really isn’t breaking any new ground here, only body counts. Also, why couldn’t Chuck and Van Damme be in a movie years ago, its sad they had to wait until their careers have bottomed out.

Our Clever Prediction

There is enough of an audience to make a sequel work here, lets hope this puts an end to the Expendables franchise.


  1. The expendables was a mind blowing movie that was really loved. what I predict is that Stallone is trying to create another blockbuster series like the one he made before……..(RAMBO)… wadya say?/?

  2. I loved this movie and I’m a mom!! I just thought it was exactly what it was suppose to be, gratuitous violence and heroes win again. Can’t wait for number 2! Not for my little one though but for my 17 year old, yep, got him the video for Christmas. 🙂

  3. come on where’s your sense of humor? We have movie theaters here that serve beer and nachos! we had so much fun getting loaded and watching Stallone kick some but! The best part is how steroided up they all are! They must have a contest to see who can get the most roids! So drink a cold one chomp some nachos and enjoy…you don’t have to think just watch!

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