The Doom Patrol (2011)


The Doom Patrol is based on the DC comic book by the same name. The characters tend to be younger heroes with abilities that alienate them from the society that they protect.

Not much is known about the details of the film at present, in the comics the one character to consistently be a part of the team is Robotman, although Elasti-girl and Negative Man are also expected to be in the film.


Not yet.

The Scoop

Writer Adam Turner is currently credited with the film, although there does not appear to be a script turned in yet. The film is still in the earliest stages of development, and it could be a while before it goes into production.

Who’s It For?

PG, maybe PG-13.

Movie Release Date

I doubt we’ll see it before 2012, but it’s possible a late 2011 release could happen.

Who’s In It?

No casting yet.

Interesting Fact

Negative Man’s power? Negativity. He’s the most depressing character in comics. Right after the Blue Beatle, who just sucks.

Related Movies

Teen Titans, The Dark Knight, Runaways, Superman

What’s Good About It?

Any comic book film can be good. The series isn’t that well known, so some liberties could be taken with the story and few people will be offended.

What’s Bad About It?

The lack of popularity means that the budget won’t be all that high. No one knowing the characters also means it’ll need to have extensive introductions to a whole team of characters. DC is also looking to make Teen Titans, which is better known, both as a comic and an animated TV show, so I’d bet that’ll get made first.

Our Clever Prediction

I honestly don’t see this getting made. If DC has a ton of success with their next crop of movies, it could happen, but this is 3rd string at best, so I wouldn’t keep your hopes up.

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  1. Doom Patrol, essentially, was the first X-men. In fact, DP writer Arnold Drake was convinced that Stan Lee knowingly plagiarized the concept for X-men, basing it off of his Doom Patrol, released some 6 months before the first X-men was released. Doom Patrol stars a group of four tough mutants, who are led by an uber-intelligent man on a wheelchair. Sound familiar? The sad thing is, that this will get released one day, and the legions of X-men idiot fans will claim that it’s a ripoff of X-men. I hate this world sometimes.

    -Negative Man

  2. To some of us they WERE the best super-hero team of all time and I sure would love to hear from anyone who feels the same.If the big-wigs would read the series from start to finish they would see that truly they have a blockbuster (or 2)on their hands. I for one would love to see it done right. Here’s hoping…..need any advisement on this one?? HERE’S TO THE DOOM PATROL!! LONG MAY THEY LIVE!!!

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