The Darkest Hour (2011)


The Darkest Hour tells the story of a group of teenagers on a trip through Russia when an alien invasion devastates the earth.

Question: What happens when teenagers fight an alien invasion?

Answer: They die!

Okay, so they may not die in this one. Or at least not all of them will die. Most likely. Anyways, the aliens destroy or electrical grid, and start to pick off the remaining survivors, who are disorganized and not very well defended. Cause they’re fighting aliens. So, as likely as this seems, a group of American kids are in Moscow (where else would they be?) and they find a way to disable to aliens’ powerful defenses.

Which won’t help, because we’ll all be dead anyways.

Actually, wouldn’t it be funny if aliens attacked earth but didn’t come to North America? Well, they can take Canada, cause they’re all gay losers, but what if they left the US and Mexico alone?

Now that is some interesting sci-fi.


Darkest Hour Pics

The Scoop

Director Chris Gorak, who we all remember was the production designer on Blade: Trinity, is taking the reins on The Darkest Hour, and while he doesn’t have a ton of directing experience, he has been a production designer on a number of films in addition to Blade: Trinity. The main films I look at in his career are Minority Report (if Spielberg used him for a film, he must be good) and he was the art director on Fight Club, which was sure pretty.

The film is looking to be a big launching pad for star Emile Hirsch, whose blockbuster career was seriously hurt by Speed Racer, but if The Darkest Hour pulls out a big box office, he may end up an action star. Wow.

Oh, and the film is being produced by Timur Bekmambetov, the director of Wanted and the Nightwatch/Daywatch films. So that’s why it’s set in Moscow.

Who’s It For?

No rating yet, most likely PG-13 though.

Movie Release Date

August 5, 2011.

Who’s In It?

Emile Hirsch
Olivia Thirlby
Rachael Taylor
Max Minghella
Joel Kinnaman

Interesting Fact

The film will be shot in… 3D!!!!!!!! What a shock.

Related Movies

Red Dawn, Alien, War of the Worlds, Battlefield: Earth.

What’s Good About It?

As much as I don’t really like Emile Hirsch, he’s a pretty good actor, and generally makes good movies (Speed Racer aside). I like alien films, and I’m actually interested to see more films set in Russia. At least it will have a different look than I’m used to.

What’s Bad About It?

It really looks like a mashup of Battlefield: Earth, and Red Dawn. Not a good thing.

Our Clever Prediction

Until I see a trailer, it’s hard to say. If there’s a really cool visual style to the film, then I think it may do alright, but if it’s by the numbers, then I don’t see it making much money. Sure, it could be the next District 9, but that’s unlikely.

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