The Counselor (2013)


The Counselor is the first film with a screenplay written by Cormac McCarthy, who is the author of the novels No Country for Old Men, The Road and All the Pretty Horses.

The story follows a lawyer who decides to make a little extra cash by getting involved in drug trafficking, without getting completely sucked into a life of crime. Guess what doesn’t work out?

Eventually, this lawyer is just trying to keep himself alive. It’s a bad situation. One I have found myself in countless times. For instance, right now I’m running down an alley, holding a PDA from 9 years ago, wondering where it all went wrong. I should never have bought those Girl Scout Cookies.

Damn you Tagalongs!!!!

The Counselor

Like I said, The Counselor is Cormac McCarthy’s first screenplay. I don’t believe he’s for sure signed on to direct, but Ridley Scott is at least in talks to make the film as his follow up to Prometheus. It looks like he may have even cast one of his Prometheus stars Michael Fassbender for the lead in The Counselor. Huh.

The Counselor Trailer

The Counselor Release Date

November 15, 2013.



Who’s In It?

Michael Fassbender… maybe.

What’s Good About It?

Cormac McCarthy is one of the best writers around today, and he has been interested in writing a screenplay for some time now. I can’t wait to see what he does with his first film.

What’s Bad About It?

Nothing yet.

Our Clever Prediction

If Ridley Scott does indeed direct The Counselor, I could see a number of Oscars coming its way. No Country for Old Men was fantastic, and though I want to give the Coen Brothers credit for that, if you read the book you’ll realize they were just following very closely to the paired down style of the book. It was still a hell of an accomplishment, but we’ll have to see what The Counselor looks like and the whole cast before I accurately (to the dime!) predict its success.