The Change Up (2011)


The Change Up follows a married man who switches places with his best friend in order to woo a coworker.

Sounds crazy, but it gets crazier. They don’t just agree to switch places, they also switch BODIES. Crazy. No word yet on how such a feat is achieved, no doubt wizardry of some sort, and there’s also no word as to why the married man is trying to woo someone who isn’t his wife…

Wait. Never mind. The film also stars Olivia Wilde. I think I know why he’s cheating. This film is going to rock!

TThe Change Up Movie

David Dobkin, who directed the overrated Wedding Crashers and the appropriately rated Fred Claus and Shanghai Knights (I assume people thought those two sucked), is in the director’s seat for The Change Up also. While I’m not a big fan of his, Wedding Crashers did make a ton of money, and Fred Claus nearly made $100 million, so he at least gets some respect for successful films. He’ll probably get the budget to make something decent, if not terribly good.

Seriously, Fred Claus?

The Change Up Trailer

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Who’s The Change Up For?

Fans of movies about people switching bodies. I actually liked a similar movie, back in the 80’s called Like Father Like Son, which The Change Up is very similar too.


Movie Release Date

The Change Up hits theaters August 5, 2011.

Who’s In It?

 Olivia Wilde … Sabrina
  Ryan Reynolds … Mitch
  Jason Bateman … Dave
  Leslie Mann … Jamie
  Alan Arkin … Mitch’s Dad
  Mircea Monroe … Tatiana
  TJ Hassan … Kato Kinkabe
  Kenny Alfonso … Businessman
  Ed Ackerman
  Jeanine Jackson … Carla Nelson
  Andrea Moore … Ballet Teacher
  Anna Colwell … Girl in Elevator

What’s Good About It?

Mainly Olivia Wilde. I can’t believe I’m obsessed with a woman with essentially NO boobs.

What’s Bad About It?

David Dobkin. Wedding Crashers wouldn’t have been so bad if morons didn’t give it so much credit for being SOOOOOO funny, even though it was okay at best.

Our Clever Prediction

Ryan Reynolds is going to have a hell of a summer with this and Green Lantern. By ‘hell of a summer’ I mean he’s going to be in two films that look like they’ll be huge but will likely disappoint.

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