The Bounty Hunter (2010)


In this upcoming Comedy/Romance starring Jennifer Aniston, a bounty hunter is hired to track down his ex-wife.

The Bounty Hunter (2010)

While frightfully unoriginal, Gerard Butler is a bounty hunter who comes to arrest his ex, Jennifer Aniston.

(Butler) learns that his next target is his ex-wife (Aniston), a reporter working on a murder cover-up. Soon after their reunion, the always-at-odds duo find themselves on a run-for-their-lives adventure to Las Vegas.

Get ready for this incredible plot twist : While chasing his ex-wife, Butler rediscovers his love for Nicole and they fall in love all over again. (You spotted my sarcasm right?)

Enlightening Anicdote

Jennifer Aniston is going to play the ex-girlfriend in every romantic comedy from now till forever, so get used to it.


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Release Date

March 19th, 2010 (wide)


Gerard Butler, Jason Sudeikis, Dorian Missick, Jennifer Aniston, Adam Rose

Reminds me of

Every other ‘chick is really innocent and you fall in love with her’ movie.

The Good

Jennifer Aniston in a miniskirt for most of the movie.

The Bad

We’ve seen this plot far to many times.


  1. Hey, give it a chance. Any movie with Jerry and Jennifer Id love to see, no matter what the plot. Of course it would be more interesting with a good plot. Stop being so negative.

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