The Bling Ring (2013)


The Bling Ring is based on the true story of a group of teenagers who used the internet to track celebrities in order to burglar their homes.

The Bling Ring stole about $3 million worth of goods over the course of about a year. Most of the stuff they stole was from Paris Hilton, who probably didn’t notice over the sound of her being a whore.

My favorite part of the story is that one of the robbers, Alexis Neiers, went on to have a reality show on E! called Pretty Wild. Her sister is Tess Taylor, who was in Playboy, and has an incredible rack. This is what our society is coming to. Finally, a world that’s as corrupt as me. I can now end my seclusion and conquer.

The Bling Ring

Apparently, Sophia Coppola hasn’t had a hit movie in a few years, so she’s making one about a popular topic. Except it happened a few years ago. Whatever. Still topical.

Oh, and I’m sure the film will be about the evils of reality TV. Ooooo. Shocking.

Bling Ring Trailer

The Bling Ring Release Date



Who’s In It?

 Emma Watson
  Leslie Mann
  Taissa Farmiga
  Israel Broussard
  Patricia Lentz … Judge
  Katie Chang
  Claire Pfister
  Georgia Rock

What’s Good About It?

Admittedly, The Bling Ring is an interesting tale and really highlights some of the issues with our society. One of the girls who was robbing homes has gone on to have her own TV show, and she has been caught with heroin as well. Probably no real repercussions from that.

Sophia Coppola has a ton of talent, though I feel much of it is squandered on her whims.

What’s Bad About It?

Alexis Neiers is almost not famous anymore, and this will put her right back in the spotlight. The message that the film will send (maybe not the actual film, but the fact that it’s getting made and the fact that the people it portrays ultimately get what they want) the wrong message. It should be made clear OVER AND OVER that this behavior is shameful.

Our Clever Prediction

As Sophia Coppola is writing and directing, I have no doubt The Bling Ring will be well made and interesting. Also, a commercial flop. Lost in Translation was her only real commercially viable film. And it would have bombed if not for the awards it received.