The Big Bang (2011)


The Big Bang is an action thriller starring Antonio Banderas as a private detective searching for a stripper who has a connection to a particle collider. The twist? No one has ever seen her.

Wait. Then how does he know to look for her?

I was really excited for this film when I thought it was a theatrical version of The Big Bang Theory, which is in my top five favorite current TV shows, but it has nothing to do with the show. I hope it turns out that the stripper is really a super genius physicist and she just strips for research or some other retarded reason. Or maybe she’s the ONE stripper who actually put herself through college.

The Big Bang

Tony Krantz is in the driver’s seat for The Big Bang, and you all will most likely be familiar with his work as Executive Producer for 24 and Felicity. He also produced Hiller and Diller, which I initially read as Hitler and Diller, which made me do a double take. How awesome would that show have been? Anyways, he doesn’t have much theatrical experience, hence the hiring of Antonio Banderas (got you again, Banderas!) but I think he’ll be okay.

The Big Bang Trailer

Movie Release Date

May 13, 2011.


Who’s In It?

 Antonio Banderas … Ned Cruz
  Sienna Guillory … Julie Kestral
  Thomas Kretschmann … Detective Frizer
  William Fichtner … Detective Poley
  Sam Elliott … Simon Kestral
  Delroy Lindo … Detective Skeres
  Autumn Reeser … Fay Neman
  Robert Maillet … Anton ‘The Pro’ Protopov
  Jimmi Simpson … Prof. Niels Geck
  James Van Der Beek … Adam Nova
  Snoop Dogg … Puss
  Rebecca Mader … Zooey Wigner

What’s Good About It?

Autumn Reeser goes topless in the film. You can find the photos online. Fantastic.

What’s Bad About It?

I would normally be really interested in a detective story like The Big Bang, but the trailer looked terrible.

Our Clever Prediction

The film is getting a limited release, and Antonio Banderas isn’t exactly a draw anymore, except for when he plays a cartoon cat, of course. But who doesn’t love cartoon cats?