The Avenged (2011)


The Avenged tells the story of a comic book writer who takes on the guise of his fictional creation after his wife and child are murder.

I wish I had more on the film, because it sounds cool, it’s still in the earlier stages of development, and there isn’t much news out right now.


Not yet.

The Scoop

The film may end up directed by Samuel Haun, it was created by lead Brandon Slagle, whose work I’m not familiar with, but he came up with the idea specifically for himself to star, so he should at least understand the character.

Who’s It For?

Pg-13 or R.

Movie Release Date


Who’s In It?

Marian Zapico … Isabel
Brandon Slagle … Bryan Yuen Sage
Wolfgang Meyer … Rocco
Frederic Doss … CSI Elliot
Jimmy Creamer … DJ
Jeff Quinlan … Coroner Jones
Antonio San Miguel … Detective Mendez

Interesting Fact

The tag line for the film is ‘Superheroes are real…’

Related Movies

The Dark Knight, Spider-man, American Splendor

What’s Good About It?

The idea seems sound. Hopefully they take it serious. It could be cool

What’s Bad About It?

A lot of unknowns so far. The actors and director don’t have much experience, and the film could end up a really bad direct to video release.

Our Clever Prediction

I’m giving it a chance, but only until I’ve seen the trailer. I need to get a feel for the tone before I commit to it. Still, I doubt it’ll make much money at the box office.

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