The Artist (2011)


The Artist tells the tale of a silent movie star who has been passed over in the era of ‘talkies.’ But with encouragement from his lover he returns to show biz as a dancer.

The Artist is a romance, with a very classic feel (or at least I’m guessing that from the poster), and while the silent film star starts a new career, a young actress may see the beginning of her rise to stardom. Just dance, that’s my policy, it should be yours as well when times get tough. People don’t dance enough anymore, I wonder why that is? Oddly enough, I can cut the rug like no other white man. Why is it in the golden age of film, people just danced when the got depressed?

Why is it that Kevin Bacon started dancing when he got pissed off in Footloose? Why am I talking about Kevin Bacon and Footloose in a movie article about The Artist?

The Artist

The Artist was written and directed by Michel Hazanavicius, who I have never heard of before. This doesn’t give me hope. Michael did do a feature piece on the genocide in Ruwanda though, so it appears he’s given up on the real issues in the world.

John Goodman is in the film, this isn’t a good sign and usually means straight to DVD unless he is doing voiceovers for cute little cartoon characters.

The Artist Trailer

Not yet.

The Artist Release Date

November 23, 2011.


Who’s In It?

John Goodman … Zimmer
Malcolm McDowell
Missi Pyle … Actress/Constance
James Cromwell … Clifton
Penelope Ann Miller … Doris

What’s Good About It?

I like the poster and John Goodman.

What’s Bad About It?

I don’t know enough about this writer/director, but I do know all silent movies were creepy. I saw ‘The Birth Of A Nation’ though, and although I found it very appealing and brilliant, the whole ‘silent’ part bothered me.

Our Clever Prediction

I’m really hoping The Artist turns out to be a nice return to older Hollywood glamour. We don’t get a lot of good romances these days, and the crap we do get has Channing Tatum in it. Argh. However, this film will be a select opening, guaranteed, so look for it in the DVD area around December.


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